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During the course of our own research, we have regularly undertaken free look ups of Parish Registers at Records Offices as well as from our own collection of microfiche. In addition, we have transcribed thousands of other parish register entries and have now extended this into an "Online Parish Clerk" (OPC) project which has been successfully run in several counties.

What this means is that as well as transcriptions completed by ourselves, we will also include entries from volunteer transcribers. Links to other transcription web sites will also be included as it seems a waste of energy to duplicate the great work already completed by others.  We will also incorporate Village and Parish history and photographs. This is an entirely self financing project and we are paying for the hosting of what is a considerable amount of data on our knightroots web-space.

Please read, important notice 

These online transcripts are created from microfiche, purchased from or viewed at Records Offices and are subject to copyright.  Hampshire Record Office are fully aware of and support the OPC Project.  Transcriptions are placed here for personal research ONLY and no fee is payable.  Please do not copy any of this data if you are a commercial researcher or organisation. No person or organisation may publish this data without express written permission. No guarantee can be given as to the accuracy of the data due to illegibility of the original records and microfiche copies. It is vitally important that ANY transcription is verified wherever possible by checking the parish register fiche or film. Alternatively, check other sources and we recommend purchasing the Baptism, Marriage & Burial CD's produced by the HGS.  Some of these records are available online at the  FFHS Website

HOW CAN YOU HELP?    This OPC exists solely for the benefit of Hampshire researchers such as yourself and the following are ways to assist the Hampshire OPC Project:

1. If you have a fiche reader (or access to one), you can buy parish register fiche from Hampshire Record Office to transcribe. As little as 30 minutes a week (more if you can spare the time) will make a good contribution. You may be able to choose a parish (or part of one), unless it has already been allocated. The transcriber gets full credit and copyright for the work. Alternatively, if you are near an LDS Family History Centre, you can transcribe from films there or from fiche at a local Record Office or Archive if accessible. If you are able to take part, we will send full transcription instructions and will allocate a parish to you. If you have a preference for a particular parish, please let us know.

2. Alternatively, as the project is self funding and if you feel you do not have sufficient time to transcribe or access is diffficult, fiche could be donated and we will arrange for someone else to do the transcription. You would then get the credit as donor/supporter of the particular parish. You may be able to dedicate the transcription to an ancestor who lived in that particular parish. Please contact us prior to purchase, to avoid duplication. Credit would be given to both the donor and the transcriber

 Email us for details

This project can ONLY succeed with the help of others........YOUR OPC PROJECT NEEDS YOU!!