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Page 6 entry 16 William BUNDAY of the parish of Pamber & Priscilla SHILLEY of this parish , by banns December 12 1814 (their marks) in the presence of Samuel SHILLEY & Elizabeth ?

Page 37 entry 109 John CROUCH of this parish & Fanny SHILLEY, by banns May 07 1826 in the presence of Charles BENYARD & Hannah CROUCH

Page 37 entry 110 Stephen SHILLEY of this parish & Jane CROUCH of the parish of Boldre, by banns, May 11 1826, in the presence of Charles BENYARD & Hannah CROUCH

Page 38 entry 112 George GREGORY & Lucy THORN both of this parish, by banns, in the presence of Joseph GRIGORY & Mary Anne THORNE

Page 42 entry 126 Thomas GRIGORY & Mary THORN of this parish, by banns November 24 1827 in the presence of George & Lucy GRIGORY

Page 52 entry 155 Samuel SHILLEY & Frances HERVEY both of this parish by banns September 18 1830 in the presence of James & Sarah SHILLEY

Page 60 entry 178 John BULL of the parish of Boldre living with his father in law in Extra paroquial & Mary SHILLEY of this parish , by banns September 04 1832, in the presence of William BULL & Frances HILLYER

Page 68 entry 202 James SALTER of Shalfleet, Isle of Wight & Ann THOMAS of this parish, by banns, September 15 1834 in the presence of John THOMAS & Frances COLLINS


   REGISTER OF BANNS OF MARRIAGE                        

                          Transcribed  by RAYMOND KING     New Zealand. Copyright 2007


                   1754  P 1.

               14 Apr    No.1    William  Pugh    S[ingle]   Parish of Beaulieu  [unless stated]                               

                                                    Sarah ----          Sp[inster]

                       18 May          2      Thomas Taylor                                      ?

                                                     Mary      ----- 

                        6  Sept?                James   Harrich         B[atchelor]

                                                    Ann  Hill                      Sp.

                        6 Oct?                 William Golf?               S

                                                    -----cy?  Bright             Sp

                        29 Dec                 John Goring                  B

                                                    Mary  B----                    Sp 


                         20        No 6      Robert Callon                       P of  Coros   Isle of Wight

                                                   Martha  Street                 Sp.

                        21 Sept               Joseph  Monray                   P of Diborn

                                                   Jane Goslin?

                         25Sept              Thomas Haskill?         

                                                  Elizabeth  Clark

                        26  Oct              James Hild?

                                                  Mary   Go

                        16 Nov No 10  James  -----                      P of ---abourne ?

                                                 Mary  Orch aid?              P of   Bear?? 

                        1756 P 3

                        25 Jan  No 1    William Blusom                P of  K?igh or High Ma                  

                                                 Mary   Trarer                 Sp      P of Bolder

                          29 Jan             James  -                             P of  Longleman?

                                                 Fanny -----             very feint writing

                          28 Mar           Moses Marshmann        S

                                                 Mary Biel                       Sp    


                1763 P 3  No 14

                            11 Apr   John  Cable                        P of Kingston  Portsmouth

                                          Sarah Sanforn                 Sp

                      25 Apr        Lovel  Rawlonce?             B

                                         Margaret Marshman        Sp.

                        6 Jun         John   --no-ff                     Wr    [Widower]

                                               Sarah    G-at                      Sp

                             10 Dec?     Thomas Barflott                B      

                                               Ann Grove                         Sp      P of  Hawl/b/y





            No 18         1 May     Edward  P?—ayson                B

                                              Elizabeth Johnson                 Sp      P of Bolder

                              15 May   John  -------                            Wr

                                             Mary  Bayley/Bishop?           W

                               25 Sept  Thomas Rockman                   B

                                             Sarah Dennis                          Sp


            1756  P6

                        2 Jul      William Chappel               

                              Martha  Bartlet

                2 Jul      Isaac Wilkinson                       B

                             Mary Scanes                            Sp

               27 ? Jy   R-----   Mathews?

                             Hannah  --------

                   ?        William Ward

                              Mary Willis

              24 Sept   John White

                             Ann    Hay ?                      P of  Ifsfoy ???  in this County?


 No 30   8 Oct         John  Drake

                               Ann  Parkins                          P of Birkenhead

              8 Oct         Thomas Gregory                    B

                                Hannah Hunt                       P of Atherston,  Isle of Wight



                 12 Nov      William Hill

                                    Jane  Loving

                  19 Nov       Phillip  --arf?all? Jnr.

                                    Ann  R/Buxs?q?y?            P of Ty—n of Exbury in ?


No 34        18 Feb        John  Drake                      B

                                     Mary  Buid???                  Sp

                   18 Feb        William White 

                                      Mary   L?inard                 

                    25 Mar       Benjamin Hawkins

                                       Martha Hos?kins                      P of Hawtry

                     25 Mar       Jeremiah  H-----

                                       Mary Hos?kins                  Of Isbury?       P of Hawtry

                     22 Apr       Charles Westbrook              P of All Saints  Sthampton                                            

                                        Michal  Hooper                                         Sp.

                      22 Apr       William Hanlon?                 B

                                        Sarah  livo?ly  Grafton

                       5 May       Charles Wart

                                        Mary  Barnet

                        3 Jun        William Whickers

                       Elizabeth  May




                        24 Jun       James Jeffynes

                                          Ann  Mojr?

                        22 Jul        Thomas Rawlins

                                           Ann  Burnet

                          2 Sep       Thomas Ravon

                                           Mary Whitehart

                          7 Oct         Anthony  Hinstridges

                                            Jenny Hodges

                          7 Oct          Richard Gregory

                                            Mary   Loader

                          7 Oct           Edward  Gregory

                                             Mary Waterman

       1759  P 10

                       No 48       4 Nov           John  Miller              B

                                                              Mary TyL?nor         Sp.


              1760        P11    

                No 49            Mar           Unreadable?                            

                                  20 Apr          Moses Harris

                                                       Elizabeth  Sumers

                                    20Apr         George  Masters

                                                        Mary  Dixon

                                    11th May      John  Carpenter  

                                                         Hannah? Wyatt

                                    21st Sept       John Rawlins             Wr

                                                         Ann  Burnet               W

                                     19th Oct       Thomas Taylor

                                                                        White ?

                                      26th Oct       Joseph Barns

                                                          Susannah  Harvey              P of  Trent? In Mastin?

                                       19th Nov     Hepsien?  Pervey?

                                                          Amay  Martin

         No.s   58 /59                              Unreadable.        Feint  Writing!



                                        15th Mar       John Ridford

                                                             Mary Pitt

                                         22nd Mar      Edward  Fry

                                                              Mary  Sutton?                                                                               

                                          22nd Mar       John Ward

                                                                Ann   Hasti?                                         

                                           22nd Mar       John Pearce

                                                                 Ann  ?uskonce        P of  Bolder?

           No 63                       22nd Mar        Tho.Ward

                                                                  Amey  Pickfin  ???     1

           No 64                      22nd Mar         Robert Westh?arp

                                                                   Elizabeth Scaines




                                            22nd Mar        Thomas  Tailor              P of   Hamble

                                                                   B- tey     Payne

                                             26th Apr         Thomas Floid

                                                                    Ansis  Street

                                              24th  May      Edward   Hows

                                                                    Marget   Meshman

                                               19th Jul         Samuel  Barth

                                                                    Sara  Hawkens

 13th Sept           Richard   Rogers

                           Ann     Rogers           Sp    P of Dibden

19th  Sept           Thomas Minshaw         P of Bootier

                           Mary Rawlence        Sp

20th  Sept           John Taylor

                           Elizabeth Basflet            P of Lymington

No 72                No Entry



 13th Nov           John Filps

                           Elizabet  Robinson    Sp

28th Feb            Thomas White

                          Elizabeth  Anoeris          P of  Fawley

2nd May            John Peckham

                         Mary Marshman


1763      No 76

10th Jan              Jonothan Stride               P of   Bolder

                          An   Payne                     

6th  Apr             Joseph Lawrence        P of Fortinbridge

                          Mary   -orthy

20th Apr             Edward Shoter             P of  Calen

                          Elizabeth Green


1764      No 84


 9th Oct              James Gregory

                          Susan  ??hicher        P of Northroom Isle of W

15th Jan             Thomas Underwood

                         Grace Robins

22nd Jan              John  Wort

                          Elizabeth Futon

4th Mar              John   Warfool            P of Bolder

                          Ann Boit

8th Jul                Edward Pufs

                            Elener Wild

10th Jun            Robert Ward

                         Mary  Frier

 unreadable      William  Pufs

                        Eleanor Wild



23 Sept            Thomas Helynor

                        Lydia  Jones

17 Oct             Edward Weeds

                        Phebe  Pufs

23rd Dec          Peter Westbrook

                        Saroy??  Gains


1765      No 94

 10 Mar           John Winter              

                       Elizabeth Sanson                      

                                                                       1st  Sept          Edward  Anores               P of Brockenhurst

                       Elizabeth White

15th Sept         Robert Scaines

                       Mary  Carbourne           P of  Sopley 


 1766 No 97                              

   9th  Feb         William  Mond?ons

                        Elizabeth Longlands

   8th   Jun        Nicholas Hirley

                       Mary  Braxton


   28th   Sept     William Seriant

                        Mary Syrl??1767

   4th Oct           Michel  Carpenter

                         Elizabeth Payne

   11th  Oct        James Holmes

                         Mary   D?oway  

   11th Oct         William Green

                         Elizabetts  Nortains

   18th Oct         William Collis

                         Hannah  Ward1768

   21st Feb          Joseph  Trorobridge

                          Susan Hooper

  3rd Apr            Carl  Warnrop

                         Clement  Crowcher     P of Bolder

  19th Jun          James  Calen

                         Elizabeth Morley             No 107

  3rd Jul             William Purchas    P of Eline


  10 Jul             Thomas  Bills

                        Ann Whiters

  24th Jul          Thomas  Wesrbrook  Pearce   Pof Bolder       

                                                                         Elizabeth Falis

 28th  Aug        Benjamin   West

                        Isabebelah Rigins

 11th Sept          John Jowsey

                         Elizabeth Atwood         P of Dibden





 25th Sept          Linoard  Biddlecombe/ Brodecombe?

                          Mary   West

16th Oct             William Darling

                          Mary  Taylor

6th Nov              James Smith

                           Jeny  Peusey

6th Nov              William  Kintchinson

                          Elizabeth Peusey1769

20th Apr             William Warick

                           Ruth  Clansbury

13 May              Robin  Miller

                          Elizabeth PhilipsBanns

?Oct  2nd           .Thomas  Kane

                          Sarah  Smith

22nd  Sept?        Soloman Strickland

                         Elizabeth  Rawlence

22nd Oct           Henry Birt

                        Elizabeth Holoway

10th Dec           William Payne

                         Elizabeth Pearce1770

20th Apr           Nicholas Bayley       P of Gascomb

                        T----  B-oen???               Isle Of Wight                                          

                                                + 22nd  Apr         Edward  West       P of Holy Rhood Sthpton.

                                                                         Mary  White

3rd Jun             JosephGreen

                       Mary Horlock

3rd Jun            John  Worthy

                      Elizabeth  Wheeler     P of  Lyonington 

10thJun          Ed-ins? Fisher

                       Ann Coles                  P of Mallford


  4th Nov          Ephraim Panilence

                        Rachel Edwards

 4th Nov           James Wallis

                        Elizabeth Cook

23rd Dec           William Munsons

                         Rachel Gilbert


17th Feb           Edward Gandy

                         Elizabeth Herring

3rd Mar             Bill Smiths

                         Elizabeth Robins

31st Mar            John Biel

                         Sarah Pugh

28th Apr            James Bishop

                          Mary Getman




16th Jun             Charles Lancaster   P of Boldre

                          Jane  Saun-ers?

29th   Nov          Henry Scanes

                          Mary Hatchet


1st Mar              William  ? S-il?f

                          Elizabeth Kane

29th Mar            James Bagshot

                          Mary  Birt

26th Jul              James Birt

                          Elizabeth Marks


 28th Mar No 144 William  Sanson

                          Hannah  Street

28th Mar            William  Wheeler

                           Mary Drake

12th Sept            Thomas Horlocks

                          Hannah  Smith     P of Brockenhurst

19th Sept           Aaron Rawlence

                         Hannah  Scanes

26th Sept          John Taylor

                         Elizabeth  Hooper

26th Sept           Thomas Hervat  P of Portsea,   Portsmouth

                         Mary Cook

3rd Oct               William Coles

                          Jane Boun

10th Oct              Henry White

                           Huntsley ? Cooper

31st Oct               John  Cutler

                            Fanny  Dinas

14th Nov             Joseph West

                           Sarah  Port   p no 154

 23rd Octt            Robert Molt / mott

                           Ann Coate


9th Apr                George  Nath

                            Susannah Mof?es

20th Aug              James  Read

                            Elizabeth Payne

10th Sept              John Badcock

                             Frances Williams

24th Sept              William Surchap

                             Joyce Smith

1st Oct                  John Chefsell

                             Ann Youngs

8th Oct                  John Warn

                             Elizabeth Sauages   P of Boldre




8th Oct                  Benjamin Kintchington

                             Susan Pitt

22nd Oct                James Mills

                              Sarah  Ward

29th Oct                 Robin Philips

                              Ann Hollaway            

 19th Nov               Edward Mullins

                              Martha  Cables


28 Jan                   Thomas Payn

                              Elizabeth Winter

30th Jun                 Jn Payn

                              Sarah  Ealling

4th Jul                    Joseph Maynard

                              Frances  Rawlence

1st Oct                   George Bud?oon

                              Hannah Plasket

13th Sept               John  Mirit/ Mint?

                              Sarah Mathews

22nnd Nov            John Browning

                              Elizabeth Picket


5th Jan                    Henry Hatchet

                               Elizabeth Jones

 13th Mar                William  West

                               Mary Philips

11th May                 John Gantlet

                               Hester Payn

29th Jun                   John Brimsons

                                Hannah  Dennis

10th Aug                  William Warn

                                 Jane  Budden

17th Aug                   Charles Maynard

                                 Jane Gla-fe?

28th Sept                   James Loveing

                                 Sarah Bull

19th Oct                   James Mintley

                                Elizabeth  Bartlett

28th Oct                   Richard Weller

                                Hannah  Dennis

2nd Nov                    Owen  Bowen

                                 Mary  Warfoot

28th Dec                   William Burnett

                                 Martha   T---m---?


4th Jan                      William  Praji?ett?

                                 Elizabeth  T?-oven  P of Boldre




25th Jan  No 3rd Bann!   Edward  Ron

                                  Ann Poste/  Porter

12th Apr                     Richard  Post

                                   Mary  Ron   P of  Brockennhurst

5th Jul                       William Abof

                                  Elizabeth  Wart

4th Oct                      James Payn

                                 Frances  Philips

18th Oct                    Richard  Cole

                                 Mary Rawson

22nd Nov                   William Willa-

                                  Ann  Eliot

5th Dec                      William Ingram

                                  Hannah Hervey

20th Dec                   Charles  Weal       P of Ealing

                                 Frances Scanes



17th Jan                     John  Winter

                                 Susan  Braxtone

14th Feb                    James Philips

                                  Sarah Cook

28th Feb                   George Franks

                                 Hannah Wilkinson

28th Feb                    Samuel  Peafert ?

                                  Elizabeth  Rann    Kann? Pof Fawley

4th Apr                      John Hervey

                                 Grace White

23rd May                   William  [Z] Yealman

                                  Elizabeth Hervey

11th Jul                     William  Jelley

                                  Mary  Bagshot

10th Oct                     John Cook

                                  Hannah  Budden

10th Oct                    Edward  Bound

                                 Elizabeth Primer

17th Oct                    Frances Bunday

                                 Charlotte Birtch

12th Dec                    Charles  White

                                  Ann    White

26th Dec                    Phillip Williams

                                  Christan Wilkinson1780

13th Feb                     Thomas Prince

                                   Mary Budden

26th Mar                    Thomas  Beeb

                                   Rebeckah Whiling/ whiting/

23Apr                        William Biggsof  ??

                                   Sarah  Elroy/ Elrry? P of  Exbury



8th Oct                        Thomas  Hill

                                    Susannah Wild

10th Dec                      Robert  Pinton

                                    Sarah  Wheeler


14 Jan                        Richard  Wright

                                  Mary Wiseman

21st Jan                      John  [Prescott]?  Blotted!

                                  Elizabeth Hiller

15th Apr                     John  Flemish

                                  Phebe Philps

13th May                    Richard Smith

                                   Sarah Langford

15th Jly                        William Lancaster  P of Boldre

                                   Jane Young

23rd Sept                     William Abraham

                                    Sarah   Birt

7thOct                          Henry Ward

                                    Elizabeth  Budden

7th Oct                         Joseph Gates

                                    Elizabeth Cocket


14th Apr                       Jonathan Etheridge

                                     Sarah  Philps

6th Nov                        David Henman

                                    Mary Ward

13th Oct                      James White

                                   Elizabeth Mathews

17th Oct                       John Maynard

                                    Jenney  Smith

27th Oct                       Edward West

                                     Mary Perkins

3rd Nov                         John West

                                     Mary Holms

17th Nov                      Richard White

                                     Susannah  Huckels


26th Jan                    James Maynard

                                  Mary  Fielder

10th Nov                  John Hobbs

                                Susannah Naish

14th Sept                 William  Jolliffe  P of Chale, Isle of Wght

                                Elizabeth  Farthing

28th Sept                 Charles West

                                Sarah Callen

28th Sept  1st Bann  Henry Dixon

                                Easter  Rawlence




15th Oct                  Henry  Ron/ Row?

                                Ann Beer           P of   St Edmonds, in the

                                                                        City of ?

9th Nov                    Robert  Lanen

                                Ann  Philpot                                                                                               

9th Nov                   Michal Fry

                               Sarah White

23rd Nov                 Thomas Pigott

                               Frances Grigory


4th Jan                     Lovell Rawlence

                               Sarah  Fry

15th Feb                  William  Brown

                                Rebekah West

19 Sept                    William Jeffries

                                El?onet  Mufellowhite

3rd Oct                     Linonard   Biddlecombe

                                Mary Richmond       p of Exburg

 17th Oct                  Charles Payn

                                 Mary Sanders

24th Oct                  Joseph Gould

                               Leah Vinson   P of Fawley

30th Oct                   John Kitter

                                Mary Packam

 14th Nov                 Thomas Hillyer

                                 Ann Rawlence

21st Nov                  Thomas Burges

                                Sarah Rawlence


16th Jan                   James Beck

                                Mary Grigory

23rd Jan                    George Vincent 

                                 Mary Youngs

8th May                     John Fry

                                  Sarah Collis    P of Lymington

5th Jun                       Henry Thomas

                                 Mary Biel

10th Jul                     John Rixon

                                 Elizabeth Philps

4th Sept                    John Bennett

                                Elizabeth Sovaffilde

11th Sept                  Stephen Head

                                Mary Cutler

18th Sept                   George Read

                                Sarah Thurl 

25th Sept           William Readman   P of Laurence  Southampton

                                 Mary Payn




 2nd Oct                   John Miller

                                Susannah Sno-- ?

2nd Oct                   George Fry


 8th Jun                Edward  Fielder 

                              MaryHarris                                                                     2nd Jul                     William  Browning

                               Elizabeth Mortal   Molab  Pof Lindhurst

13th Jul                   John Fielder

                              Mary  White

6th Aug                  George   splot!-ok

                              Mary   Trippup   P of Fawley


                                                 1st Apr                 Henry Bourne

                                                                              Hannah  Rixon

                                                 17th May              George Jones

                              Sarah Beck    P of Boldre

3rd Jan                   Thomas Fovafild??

                              Hannah  West

20th Sept               David Kearley

                            Mary Drake

13th Sept              John Beach

                             Susanna  Wheeler

7th Oct                William  Primer

                             Dorothy Figgins

7th Oct                 Edward Grigory

                            Mary Dimot

14th Oct               James Barlop  P of Boldre

                             Elizabeth Jeffries

18th Nov              William Gill

                             Ann Hoare

9th Dec                  James Ward

                              Milly  Carpenter

10th Feb               James Callen

                             Ann  Major

25th May               Charles Carpenter

                              Hannah  Hindretch

1st Jun                    Joseph  Ed—ex?

                               Jane Browning

20h Jul                   Humphrey  Jones

                              Francis   Biel

3rd Aug                  Nicholas Grigory

                              Francis Hillyard P of Brockenhurst

14th Sept              Charles White

                             Jane Mathews

12th Oct                John Rufell Morgan

                              Francis Holmes




19th Oct                 Richard Perkins

                              Mary Willas

26th Oct                 James  Gosling

                               Sarah Webb

9th Nov                  William Davis

                               Sarah  Collins

16th Nov                 S---   Runyard

                               Sarah  Beck


4th Jan                     Richard  White

                                Elizabeth  Shepard

1st Mar                   James Prince

                              Ann  Grigory

26th  Apr               Jame   S-----

                              Elizabeth Harvey

21st Jun                 John  Rider

                             Sarah  Mincham

                Two unreadables

11th Oct                Edward Philps

                              Ann Fisher

 15th Nov                Edward Munden

                              Mary Philps

29th Nov               Robert Bailey

                             Mary Miller


 24th Jan               Michal  Philps

                             Elizabeth Tinsley

7th Mar                James  Bennett

                            Ann White

7th Mar                George Thomas

                            Hannah Burnett

28th Mar              William Taylor Mathews

                            Frances Cook

4th Apr                Henry Nutbeem

                            Ann  Willas

8th Apr                Frederick Prince

                            Elizabeth Miller

25th Apr              John Lane

                            Mary Hawkins

4th Jul                  Samuel Edwards Parks

                            Jane  White

29th Aug              John  White

                            Mary Savage

10th Oct               Mathew Woodford

                            Mary  Hooper

17th Oct                Benjamin Philps

                              Hannah Jones

31st Oct                 John Harding

                              Mary  Peckham


23 Jan                     William Heuertson

                               Sarah  Tinsley

30th Jan                  Edward  Ward

                               Mary  Wallas

21st Aug                  William Hearley

                                Susannah  Pardey

11th Sept                 Samuel Carpenter

                                Ruth Light

2nd Nov                   John  Martin

                                Patience  Grey   P of Elen

23rd Sept                  John Wallas      P of  St. Michals  Sthampton

                                Amay  Simonds

30th Oct                   Thomas  Holeman

                                  Christian  Hintridge

6th Nov                    Thomas  Lewis

                                 Sarah Fry


                                                8th Apr                     George  Penney

                                                                                 Mary  Cockett

8th Apr                     William Wheeler

                                  Charlotte  Bull

20th May                  Robert Hobs

                                 Ann Eldridge

27th May                   William Piggot

                                 Elizabeth  Hore

11thJun                      John Scanes

                                  Elizabeth  Kinchington

12th Aug                   George Penney

                                 Sarah  Winkworth

16th Sept                   Anthony  Hintridge

                                  Hannah Dicey

23rd Sept                   Joseph  Wort

                                  Elizabeth Ralp   p of  Saint Paul Deptford

23rd Sept                    George  Tring?   King? P of  Boldre

                                  Abigail Wheeler

31st Sept                     Edward  West

                                   Hester  Lancaster

7th Oct                       William Jones

                                   Elizabeth  Sovafild


13th Jan                      James  Wort??

                                   Elizabeth  Ward

 24th Feb                    John  Readford

                                   Elizabeth Budden

3rd Mar                       Isaac  Tinsley

                                  Sarah Read

17th Mar                   William Bennett

                                 Jane Peckham

17th Mar                   William West

                                  Mary Sellwod   P of   West Tither

24thMar                    Charles Sandey

                                 Elizabeth  Tinsley

31st Mar                    John Grigory

                                 Elizabeth  Harris

21st Apr                    William Ran

                                   Fanney Prince

12th May                    John   L?—tvoer  P of Boldre

                                  Elizabeth  Tandy

12th May  2nd Bann!   Charles  Newbold

                                  Hannah  Runyard

9th Jun                       George  Clowder  

                                  Sarah  Williams   P of  Ellen

23rd Jun                     William  Ward

                                  Grace  Mathews P  of Boldre

18th Aug                    Thomas  Grigory

                                  Frances Callen      P of Boldre

18th Aug                    William   Westhorn

                                  Sarah  Pero?fey?                                             


30th Mar                    Randel  Jones

                                  Elizabeth  Mott

30th Mar                    Henry  Etheridge

                                  Sarah  Grigory

6 th Apr                     Benjamin  Hoar

                                  Ann  Pill

27th Apr                    Robert Keeping

                                  Sarah  Fugate  P of Milford

29th June                   John Major

                                  Mary  West

5th Oct                     Thomas Read

                                 Mary White

19th Oct                   John Grigory

                                Mary Bailey

28th Dec                   Stephen  Pufs

                                Mary  Westbror/ya? n? 


31st May                  Thomas  Hobbs

                                Martha Pearce

7th Jun                      William Thomas

                                 Ann Ward

28th Jun                     Charles Dimmott

                                  Anis  Penney

11th Oct                     James  Mathews

                                  Martha  Dominie

11th Oct                     Juane?  Fop

                                  Sarah  Holley


                                                27th Mar                   Thomas Corbin

                                  Elizabeth Godfrey

17th Apr                   James Tiller    P of  Dibden

                                 Mary  West

19th Jun                    William Oliver

                                 Elizabeth Fry

3rd Jul                        James  May  P of  Northwood  I. of  Wight

                                 Sarah  Payn

4th Sept                    George  Fry

                                 June  Petty

No Date  No Banns!  John  West

                                  --------  Perkins  P of  Fawley


22nd Jan                    Joseph  West

                                 Ann  Hardle     P of  Lindhurst

26th Feb                   John  Ward

                                 Frances Duncan

26th Feb                   Benjamin  Jones

                                Sarah  Kintchington

2nd Jul                      George  Miller

                                Lydey   Peckham

2nd Jul                      William   Tinsley

                                Mary    Miller

9th Jul                      Linoard  Bidd?lecombe

                                Sarah  Harris

17th Sept                  Charles  Littlecot

                                Mary Rawlence

1st Oct                      Edward  Blaker

                                 Ann  Burt

8th Oct                      James  Collis

                                  Elizabeth  Chefells

8th Oct                       Thoma  Horvett  P of Boldre              

                                  Mary  Bull

16th Sept                    James  Wallis

                                  Elizabeth  Grigory


23rd Sept                    John  Crouch

                                  Sarah  Rawlence

30th Sept                   Arthur  Lane

                                  Sarah  Grover

19th Nov                   William  Heydin

                                  Elizabeth  Choivder?

 19th Nov                   Robert  Hawkins

                                  Rebeckah  Kintchington

10th Dec                    David  Sanders

                                  Elizabeth  King

31st Dec                     Briant   Hawkins

                                  Rebeckah  Wilmington


21st Jan                      Thomas  Long

                                   Martha  White

11th Feb                     Joseph  Fryer

                                   Jane  Thorn

18th Feb                     George  Jones

                                   Elizabeth  Gates

1st Apr                       Stephen  Grigory

                                  Jane  Peckham

18th Feb                     Thomas  Grigory

                                   Ann  Philps

6th May                      William  Hendry

                                    Martha  Dicey

20th May                    John    Pottell

                                   Sarah  Rufell

27th May                     Durin   Biddlecombe  P of  Didden

                                    Martha  Mullins

23rd Jun                       William   Kintchington

                                    Elizabeth  Burna?d    P of Fawley

23rd Jun                       Solomon  Stickland

                                   Amealia  Butler   P of Fawley


16th Dec                     Peter  Bart

                                   Sarah  Payn

16th Dec                     William  Goden

                                  Sarah   Younga

16th Dec                    Charles  Whetton

                                  Elizabeth  Grigory


 20th Jan                    John  Miller

                                  Linley?  Bull

17th Mar                    Henry  Nutbeem

                                   Mary   B? Do?den

28th Apr  2nd Bann     William Tinsley

                                  Ann  Braker

5th May                      George  Keeping

                                   Jane  Bull

5th May                       John  Philps

                                    Mary  White   P of Fawley

26th May                    Edward  Mullins

                                   Mary   Perkins

11th Aug                     Charles  Grove

                                   Jane   Vick/ Kirk?  P of Christchurch

15th Sept                    James  Etheridge

                                   Ho---  Grigory

22nd Sept                    William  Crouch  P of Boldre

                                    Sarah  Birt

29th Sept                    James  Ward

                                   Martha  Ran   

6th Oct                       William  Webb

                                   Jane   Budden

6th Oct                        Mathew  Woodford  P of  Boldre

                                    Frances  Hillyer




20th Oct                      Henry  Melendy

                                   Elizabeth  Bown /Brown?P of Nth Badsley


15th Dec                     John  White  Pitt

                                   Sarah  West

15th Dec                     William  Grigory

                                   Frances  Miller


  20th Jan                     Thomas Green

                                    Frances  Payn

2nd Feb                        Richard  Scanes

                                    Sarah  Callmer  P of Lindhurst

13th Apr                     Ruben   Koles / Holes

                                     Mary  Dowden  p of Boldre

6th Jul                          James  Paul

                                    Mary  Wheeler

27th Jul                        Thomas?  Makepeace

                                    Mary  West

24th Aug                      Benjamin  Bennett

                                    Ann  Holley


4th Jan                         Joseph  Bunday

                                    Elizabeth  Philps

25th Jan                       George  Carpenter

                                    Sarah  Shepard

22nd Feb                      Benjamin  Rawlence

                                    Martha  Callen

22nd Feb                      George  Ward   P of  Hardle

                                    Sarah  Burden

22nd Feb                     George  Harrison

                                   Hannah  Cooper P of Bramshaw?

5th Apr                        John  Philps

                                    Sarah   Young  P of Fawley

3rd May                       John  Pufs

                                   Ann  Plenty  P of St. Mary’s  Sthampton

3rd May                       John   Williams

                                    ----------    ?


10th May                     Edward   Philps

                                    Elizabeth  Philps

26th Jul                         Joseph  Beall

                                    Ann  Drover

15th Nov                      John  Wilmot

                                    Elizabeth  Ward

29th Nov                      Edward   Ron/Ran?

                                    Elizabeth  Maynard

13th Dec                      James  Lambert

                                    Sarah  Philps



24th Jan                        Wiliam  P?ride

                                     Sarah  Hill

14th Feb                        William  Comton

                                      Elizabeth  Brown

21st Feb                        Thomas  Thorn

                                      Frances   Wallas  P of Boldre

7th Mar                         William Nutbeem P of Fawley

                                     Mary  Mullins

4th Apr                          Thomas  Sheath

                                      Jane  Payn

1st Aug                           Charles  West

                                      Elizabeth  Pufs

3rd Oct                           George  Winkworth

                                      Mary   Perkins

10th Oct                         Charles Winkworth

                                       Betty  Seagar

17th Oct                         William  Wills

                                       Jane  Miller

24th Oct                         John  Beachens?

                                      Hannah  Rawlence


31st Oct                         John  Loiv?

                                      Hannah  Martin

28th Nov                     George  Butler

                                    Ann  Hull


23rd Jan                       Jfs/ Jbs?  Maynard

                                   Frances  Gates

20th Mar                     George  Carpenter

                                   Elizabeth Neromunt

10th Apr                     Wiat   Dudley p of Fawley

                                   Hannah  Mott

29th May                     Stephen  Pufs

                                    Joice  Pearce

31st Jul                         John  Harris 

                                    Elizabeth  Still  P of Cranborne

7th Aug                        William  Veal

                                    Hannah  Strotten

20th Nov                      John  Taylor

                                    Sylvia  Richman

 25th Dec                     Stephen  Collins

                                    Mary   Thomas


 8th Apr                        Robert  Allins

                                    Hannah  Mills

12th Aug                      John  Randel

                                    Mary  Williams

4th Nov                       William  Oliver

                                    Mary  Willas

2nd Dec                         John  Ford

                                     Elizabeth  West

2nd Dec                         William   Sanders

                                     Hannah  Bailey  P of  Millford


27th Jan                         Andrew  Grunfell

                                     Charlotte   Phyn

 27th Jan                        Edward  Burlis

                                      Martha  Blaker

17th Feb                        James  Etheridge

                                      Rebeckah  Drake

24th Mar                        John  Terrey

                                      Elizabeth  Horlick

21st Apr                         John  Payne  ?

                                      Susannah  Holms

18th Aug                        Joseph  Samson

                                      Ann   Bartlett

15th Sept                        Joseph  Swafeld

                                      Fanney  Runyard

15thh Sept                      Robert  Garnat

                                      Hannah  Smith

22nd Sept                        Joseph  Woodford

                                       Ann  Ingram

20th Oct                          Jonas  Senneck

                                        Elizabeth  Peckham

20th Oct                         William  Williams

                                      Elizabeth  Eager

22nd Dec                       William  Bound

                                     Elizabeth  Bull


 26th Jan                       Thomas  Drover

                                    Mary  Sansom

4th May                       James  Gates

                                    Jane  Cooper

18th May                     William  Martill

                                    Elizabeth  Feathers

1st Jun                         James  Thomas

                                    Ann   Harris


8th Jun                        Stephen  Pufs

                                  Sarah   Woodford

6th Jul                         Thomas  Cax

                                   Lucey    Green

6th Jul                         William  Vincent

                                  Catherine Webb

3rd Jul                          Frances  Bunday

                                    Hannah  Cooper




10th Aug                      Philip  Fifeld

                                    Mary  Rester  P of Boldre

17th Aug                       Joseph  Holloway

                                     Elizabeth  Naish

7th Sept                         Charles  White

                                      Jane  Hervey

26th Oct                        Peter  Abott

                                      Maria  White  P of Boldre

9th Nov                         John  Bunday

                                      Sarah  Snook

21st Dec                         James  Hindy

                                       Sarah  Grigory


 7th Jun                            James   Squibb

                                       Ann  Pufs

30th Apr                          Samuel  Downer

                                        Henrietta   Bull

27th Sept                         John  Ranish

                                        Elizabeth  Ward

4th Oct                             William  Haufer ?

                                         Celia   West

11th Oct                           William  Fryer

                                         Francis  Bull  P of Boldre

1st Nov                              George  Bull

                                          Francis  Pigot


17th Jan                            John  Hervey

                                         Francis  Kitchen

24th Jan                              James  Ward

                                           Ann  Winkworth

21st Feb                            James  Bundey

                                         Lucey  Lancaster

20th Mar                            Mojas  Fryer

                                          Elizabeth  Pinock

17th Apr                             John West

                                           Frances  Beaves  P of Fawley

1st May                              Thomas  Read

                                           Sarah  Hunt

8th May                               James  Smith

                                            Jane  Audet  P of  Lymington

25th Sept                            Charles  Price

                                           Elizabeth  Garratt

11th Dec                             John  Ells

                                           Jane  Rawlence

18th Dec                             William Willas

                                           Mary  Fry






  22nd Jan                         Samuel  Ciart--/  Curt--  ? P of Dibden

                                       Elizabeth  La—st ?

29th Jan                          William  Sheath

                                      Elizabeth  Lockyer

19th Feb  2nd Bann         Frances Payn

                                        Hannah  Payn?

13th Aug                           Thomas  Carpenter

                                         Mary  Holeman

1st Oct                              Richard  Cox

                                         Elizabeth  Shervill

8th Oct                              Thomas  Isaac

                                          Mary    Rixon P of Boldre


  22nd Oct                          James  Wheeler P of  Boldre

                                          Hannah  Grigory 

22nd Oct                            John  Willas

                                          Hannah  Fry

12th Nov                            William  Squibb

                                           Jane  Vine


 15th Apr                             William  Duncan

                                            Ann   Grigory

20thMay                              John  Penney

                                            Ann  Springer  P of Boldre

26th Aug                              Thomas  Holley

                                            Lucey  Etheridge

30th Sept                             James  Payne

                                            Mary  Seager

30th Sept                             Charles  Payne

                                            Mariah  Mott

30th Sept                              James  Dor?e

                                             Sarah  Payne

14th Oct                               Edward  Perkins

                                            Ruth  Braker

4th Nov                               William  Figgins

                                           Ann Payne

9th Dec                              Charles  West

                                          Sarah   Har?en

30th Dec                           James  Wheeler p of Boldre

                                         Elizabeth  Whetton


 27th Jan                            James  Rixon

                                          Ribeca??  Oliver

24th Mar                            William  White

                                           Elizabeth  Boyes

5th May                              John Littlecot

                                           Jane  Mager




12th May                         John  Linington P of Whippingham

                                        Frances  Fry              Isle of Wight

20th Oct                           Thomas  Kincham P of Fawley

                                         Mary  Bartlett

3rd Dec                             Samuel   Shilley

                                         Elizabeth  Lon

3rd Dec                             John  Lon

                                         Sarah  Shilley

15th Dec                            Thomas  Tait

                                           Sarah  Philps


9th Feb                               Joseph  Payne

                                           Lucey   Gales

17th May                            George  Maynard

                                           Jean  Callen

7th Jun                                 James   Prince

                                            Frances  Mooney

28th Jun                              William  Budden

                                           Jean   Boe??  P of Boldre

28th Jun                              Charles  Clasonburrey

                                           Frances  Williams

1st Nov                                Thomas  White

                                            Hannah   Wort

13th Dec                              Benjamin  Fielder

                                            Ann   Brown


18th Jul                                 George  Light

                                             Mary  Clark

25th Jul                                 Thomas  Read

                                              Grace  Young

8th Aug                                 Augustus  Eiver

                                             Cariline   Batchelor p of  Bun-----1813

  8th Aug                                Richard  Webb P of Boldre

                                               --------    Vincent

19th Sept                                John   Burnett

                                               Elizabeth  Callen

26th Sept                               John  Brewer

                                              Eliza  Payne  P of Boldre            

26th Sept    1st  Bann              William   Philps

                                               Hannah   Grigory  P of Boldre