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                                St Peter Church,   Bishops Waltham        Photographs - copyright Linda & Tony Knight 2008

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THIS REGISTER was  bought in the year 1736 for the use of the parish of Bishops Waltham

John COOKE Rector

Richd EXTEN Curate


Peter NEWLYN: W )

Willm HORNER : A)  Church Wardens

Robt STARES :   C)

Hen SUATT :      H)


CUSTOMS of the parish taken out of the old Registers


Imprs Mortuaries according to the law

NB:    Mortuaries are due not only in the parish of Bishops Waltham, but also in the parishes of Hamble and Bursledon, to the Minister of Bishops Waltham, as sharing a peculiar jurisdiction there:-


 Marrying                                          £              s              d

 With Banns                                      0              2              6

 With Licence                                    0              5              0

 Certificate of Banns                         0              2              6

 Marrying in any other place if the    0              5              0

 Woman be of this parish


BURYING                                         £               s             d

A stranger                                         0               6             8

And for breaking the ground in the   6               6             8

Church Yard for a stranger

For breaking the ground in the        10              10            0

Chancel (whether for a stranger or parishioner)


Easter Dues per pelt?                       0               0             2

Churching of women                         0               0             6


NB.   The Church Wardens generally take up the ten shillings for breaking of the ground in the church yard.

Whether they ought , since the ground is made good again not by the Church Wardens, but by those who are at the charges of the burying : But indeed if those who bury the corps do not make good the ground; the Church Wardens must do it.


Remarkable occurrences

The steeple and tower of the church fell down the 31st day of December 1582; and began to be rectified 1584 and was finished in 1589.

The North Isle  sic was built to inlarge sic the church in 1637.

The South Isle sic was taken down, new built and inlarg’d sic 1652.

The gallery at the West End of the church was erected in the year 1733: The organ and organ left over the said gallery were put up in the year 1734.

The South Gallery was erected in 1798.

If the parchment in any part of this book should not take the ink well rub  it with a little pounce and let no sand be used at all but sinking blotting paper.


Understanding that the late Sexton of your parish married the just sentence of Excommunication by virtue of which he is made incapable of executing that office, and that one of your Church Wardens lying under the same sentence hath got into this possessing the prey of the Parish church.

Have thought fit to signify to you that I am deeply sensible  of those pugh efforts which have been offer’d not only to your self but to the service of God and how much the peace of your Parish disterb’d, and therefore have thought fit to require you shut for go forth with convene your parishioners and require the other Church Wardens to demand the keys of the church which if the guilty persons shall refuse to deliver they that they be by a warranty forthwith calld sic  before one of His Majesty’s  justices of the peace who I doubt not will proceed against them according to their demerits; and least (before any such regular course can be taken) any duty of the church should be tendred sicby the guilty persons.Refusing to deliver the keys the Church Wardens assisted with some of the ablest men of your parish shall cause the church door to be broken up and new locks and keys forthwith provided that so th service of God may not be neglected and that the plate and other utensils of the church may be preserved and kept in safety.

And to the end that the duty of the Sexton may for the future be of the better performed.I desire that the places of the Clerk and Sexton be annexed if it shall be thought convenient for the better maintenances of an able man.

This Prs I thought it my duty to intimate to you for the end that good orders may be maintained.Youself and neighbours share my Benediction and hearty prayers, that peace and unity, without which Gods worship cannot be duly performed may ever divell among them.

I am

Your affectionate friend & Brother





As far as can be collected from history & the registers.



1629 Robert WARD DD

One    of  King  James Translation sic  burial  register ( the above year)


1640 (circa)  R GOULSTON DD

? of Winchester .He appears from Walkers sufferings of the Clergy to have been sequestrated during the rebellion.

The monument to his children is in the chancel.


1670 Nicholas FULLER M.A.

Author of the miscellanea Sacra & other works some of which are? in the Bodlian library.


No date F MORLEY nephew of the Bishop





1737John COOKE


1744 Peter MAURICE DD


1750 Robert ASHE


1782 Henry FORD B A

Afterward D C L Principal of Magdalene Hall & Lord Almoners protector in Arabic – Oxford


1794 Edmund POULTER M A Pub of Winchester


1798 Edward SALTER M A


1802 James GALE M A

Later Fellow of Merton College


1833 William BROCK M A Queen’s College


1892 James Palmer NASH Oxford M A Christchurch Oxford



1690 Thomas EUSTACE

See gravestone N side of the Presbytery


1737 Richd EXTEN M A


1745 Erylsman PEACHY M A


(no curate)


1754 Ambrose KENT


1758 George BEAVER perhaps only temporary


1758 Joseph Challoner BALE  M A

Succeeded by


1784 Charles WALTERS Senr

Succeeded by his son


1811 Charles WALTERS Junr M A

Succeeded on his appointment & the Rectory of ?


1831 Thomas SCARD M A


No curate