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Mr Thomas DOUGHTY was Inducted into thy Rectory January 24 1667

George MAY was Inducted into this Rectory June 15 1680

The Register Book of the Parish of Bishopps Stoke : 1700

Mem : That I John CHISSEHOLME M A Rector of Morestead came to be curate of this parish in the year 1692 and was inducted into the rectory the next day of Marh 1698.


Thos Y  CLEVERLEY came first to the parish of Bishoppstoke in October 1732 and was made Rector in 1747



The Reverend Creed TURNER Rector

The Reverend William DYER Curate


March 16 1782 The Parsonage Barn out Buildings were rebuilt and finished which were blown down in the high wind on Feb 29th 1783


I William DYER Curate of this parish took out a licence on the 1st October 1783 which authorizes me to continue the use of this register


Sept 29th 1786 A new fence was erected on the east side of the church (very nasty High Road) whereof seven panels were erected at the response of the Rector beginning with the first panel which joins to the north side of the said church yard



January 1786 new furniture  ?  the companion table, pulpit and desk were given by a voluntary subscription was ? written


                                                                              £                   s                  d

The Reverend Creed TURNER Rector                 3                   10                0

The Reverend William DYER Curate                    3                   10                0

Charles Holmes EVERITT Esq bapt in RN           2                     2                0

Edward O’BRIEN Esq Captain RN                       0                   10                6

Mr CORDING                                                        0                   10                6

Mr SMITH                                                              0                   10                6

Mr WOOLDRIDGE                                                0                   10                6

Mr TWYNAM                                                         0                     5                0

Mr SCOVEL                                                          0                     5                0

Mr BARFOOT                                                       0                     5                0

Mr HOLT                                                               0                     5                0

Mr Thos TWYNAM (Ground? Hill)                        0                     5                0

Mr Richd TWYNAM                                              0                     5                0

Mr Thos DUMMER                                               0                     2                6

Mr DUMPER                                                         0                     2                6     

                                                    TOTAL             10                  17                 6         



May 13th 1787

Sunday Schools were opened for the support of which, a very liberal subscription commenced at Ladey Day to be continued quarterly


March 29 1788

By order of the Bishop of this Diocese a very exact account was transmitted of the number of souls in the parish viz 388 males 358 females total 746 the number of papists 7



  This year the chancel was thoroughly repaired  and likewise the church              



This year the House of Industry was built and the poor rec’d into it on or about Michaelmas Day.



This year the belfry was thoroughly  repaired



This year the Parsonage House was new roofed.

Wheat was so dear from the last harvest until about the middle of April it sold from 26 pounds per head Winchester measure.



 June the 30th the number of parishioners confirmed at Winton 99



 Wheat sold this year at the enormous price of forty pounds per head.

The sum of 6:14 was collected at the church after a layman preached for the benefit of the County hospital on Sunday August the 19th



 The price of wheat until Harvest commenced was forty five to fifty pounds per head 8 gathers to the bushel



July 14th the number of parishioners confirmed at Winchester 70



This year the church was white washed and thoroughly repaired.

There was also a  ? Bible and prayer book



June 25th The number of parishioners confirmed at Winchester 54