Parish Registers & Other Records

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Bradley Marriages 1733 to 1753


Richard DEAN & Chary GOODCHILD August 20 1733


John WINTER of Herriard & Eliz FORBERY of Bighton April 15 1734


Thomas TIGWELL & Mary MONK September 26 1738


Hugh LARKHAM of Godsfield & Betty BERRY of Swarraton October 7 1739


The Reverend Thomas STOCKWELL of Cliddesden & Mrs Anne TERRY of Dummer May 6 1740


John TURNER of Newton Valance and Elizabeth (PULLENGER) of East Tisted June 12 1740


Joseph TILLBERRY of Wield and Mary BIGGS of Bradley .  Bans being thrice published Feb 7 1740


William PITTER of Bentworth and Elizabeth CLARK of Bradley May 4 1741


Thomas FERRET and Mary WILTSHIRE both of the parish of Swarraton May18 1741


Stephen PENTON and Mary PINCK both of the parish of Swarraton Oct 11 1742


Joseph KERSLY of Bentworth and Anne KNELLER of Bradley April 24 1747


Richard GOODCHILD and Mary KNELLER January 13 1747


Timothy POUND of Itching Stoke and ? CLARK living in the parish of Bradley July 4 1748


John CLAPSHEW of Dummer Grange and Hannah FIFIELD of Totford? July 14 1750


Thomas ? of Lyndon in Rutland and Anne WHITE of ? Spinster January 17 1750


Thomas ? of Meonstoke and Mary ADAMS of Godsfield April 24 1753


John COOK of Sutton Scotney and Ann GRANT of Swarraton June 3 1753


John SMITH of Illsfield? and Mary GRANTHAM of East Oakly? June 23 1753


John GRANT of Swarraton and Mary FORDER of Northington September 30 1753