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All of the following information was extracted from the Bramshott Parish Register


THIS BOOK BOUGHT BY Thomas GODDARD Church Warden in the year 1728.-

Christenings pag?  - 1 & 58 & 116

Marriages     pag?   - 53

Burials          pag?   -  69

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For mortuary     10 shillings                                                                                              

For marriage by Banns 5 shillings                                                                           

For marriage by Licence   10 shillings                                                                            

For the Burial of those who had not a  legal settlement here 10 shillings                

Fees due to the Clerk

For digging the grave    1 shilling and  6d tolling the bell 1d  2 shillings and 6d               

For marriage by licence   5 shillings                                                                             

For marriage by Banns    2 shillings and 6d

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I John ELSTONE who have been three and thirty years Clerk of Bramshot do certify that these are the usual customary fees due to the Minister and Clerk of This Parish as witness my hand This 26 May 1763 John ELSTONE

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New surplice  at Xmas 1733

The church-yard Gates to the North were put in March 1737 J LOVER & J ELSTONE   Cld?

The Old Thorn blown down & a new one planted in April 1757 by J ELSTONE

Paid the 15 Day of November 1742 (by Joh ELSTONE) the sum of one pound & fifteen shillings being so much collected withing the Parish of Bramshott to promote the designs of the Society for Propagation of the Gospel in foreign parts.A proper rec't as brought signed Thos TRYON?  Treasr.

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In Spring 1758 the Revd D  BROWNE Chancellor of the Dioceseof Hereford resigned his Rectorship of Bramshot in order to promote a sucession in Queen's Coll Oxon of which he had been chosen. Provost some time before a clear proof  of their judgement of his generosity . He was succeeded by the Revd Jonathan DENNIS Senior Fellow  Queen's Coll Oxon F H C   C gratitudinis orgo serport?

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August 17 1809   the Revd John MONKHOUSE M A Felllow of Queen's College Oxford was promoted by the Provost of Fellows of that Society to the Rectory of Bramshot in the death of the Revd Joseph HEWSON who succeeded Wm DENNIS

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RECTORS OF BRAMSHOT  Extracted from the Registers

Thomas BLU-T   1575

Francis SCOTT  1598

Thomas BOXALL  1629

Henry WOOLNOUGH   1669   whose name doesn't appear in the Registers

John HOOKE  1685      

Joseph JACKSON   1702

Dr Joseph STEADMAN 1730

George GIBSON  1738

Dr Joseph BROWN  1745

Jonathan DENNIS 1758

Joseph HEWSON 1791


William NICHOLSON 1828

Lancelot BELLAS 1832

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John BOXHALL instituted probindary of Newington in the church of St Pauls London vacant by the death of WARHAM  14 May AD 1558 was born at Bramshot in Hants;  Brought up in Wickham school near Winchester , admitted perpetual Fellow of New College AD 1542. Took the degrees in Arts,  being then one of the Subtilist Disputants in the University.  Afterwards he entered into Holy Orders but did not preach in the reign of King Edward the Sixth.  When Queen Mary came to the Crown he was made Archdeacon of Ely.  Her Secretary of State,  Probindary of Winchester,  &  Warden of Winchester College. In July 1557 he was made Dean of Peterborough,  and on November 20 following installed Dean of Norwich,  & about the same time Dean of Windsor sworn Registrary of the Garter February 6 1557,  & the year following actually created Dr of Divinity , made Prebentary of York , Sarum of St Pauls at above. After Queen Elizabeth came to the Crown he was deprived of all his ecclesiastical preferences. He then was committed to free custody in the Arch Bishops house at Lambeth with THIRLBY Bishop of Ely TUNSTALL Bishop of Durham & others. But soon after falling ill of a fever had liberty to go over the water to London & is settling in the house of a near relation recovering & enjoyed himself in great retiredness for some years after & dyed in London towards the latter end of 1570. He is noted to have been a person of great modesty,  learning & knowledge & if there was in him tumguam a natura engenita modestia comitas fumona qua quafinngue notos ad fe diligindum adstrimact  -id  Woods Athena Oxon. Him newcou---  repertorium sub prubind de Newington where thy --- of taken.

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Inhabited Houses 174

Families by which the same are occupied 190

Houses now building 1

Other houses now uninhabited  4

Families chiefly employed in agriculture 132

Families chiefly employed in Trade, manufacturers & handicraft  40

all other families not comprized in the two preceeding classes 18

Persons including children of whatever age: 

males 471                                               

females    469                                                                                                                

Total of persons  940                                                                                              

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Inhabited houses  184

Families by which the names are occupied 200

Houses now building  1    

other houses uninhabited   3          

Families chiefly employed in agriculture 143

Families chiefly employed in Trade, manufacturers & handicraft 40

All other families not comprized in the two preceeding classes 17

persons including children of whatever age: males  523 and females 488 Total  of persons 1006

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                   Ages of persons in 1821

0-10 yrs 10-20 yrs 20-30yr 30-40yrs 40-50yrs 50-60yrs 60-70yrs 70-80yrs 80-90yrs  
167 136 81 52 40 29 25 20 3 MALES
146 90 72 62 34 28 15 24 4 FEMALES
                  total 1006

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The Glebe, which lies within a  ?ing farm was measured in 1809 as follows:-

                                                                acres                                                roods                                                perches

Barn Field 5 2 12
Bell Field 6 0 31
Coles Field 5 2 0
Killy Field 5 0 0
Lower Three Acres 2 2 8
Upper Three Acres 2 3 24
Gardia Field 5 2 0
Pond Field 3 0 0
Furze Field 2 2 2
Meadow 2 2 28
3 home plots 1 3 20
Total 42 3 5

In this measurement the private way leading down to Bell Field gate, & that leading down to the Furze Field , are not included neither the hedges nor garden, but only as far as the plough and scythings .


Calculating in the former measure to be incorrect, I had the Glebe measure again in 1843, as follows:-

                                                                acres                                            roods                                                    perches

Barn Field  5  0  30
Bell Field  5  2   8
Coles Field  5  0  35
Killy Field  4  3   6
Water Meadow  2  2  27
Furze Field  1  2  36
Lower Three Acres  2  1  22
Upper Three Acres  2  2  37
Pond Field  2  3  13
Garden Field  5  0  30
Small Plot  0  1   4
Stable Plot  0  3   8
Front Plot  0  1  31
Back Garden  0  2   9
Garden Field  0  0  33
Total  40  2   9

This measure extends only as far as the Plough & Scythings go; & according to it, a Terrier of the Glebe was delivered at the arch Deacon's Visitation at Alton, January 1 1813, John STACEY & William CHALCRAFT  being the churchwardens.

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The Painting over the Communion Table was designed & measured in June 1815, by Miss Mary Anne NEALE , to whose ingenuity & kindness the Church & Congregation are indebted for so pleasing an arrangement it replaces plenty, peace & freedom; blessings , which we cannot too highly value & which we shall zealously endeavour to promote & perpetuate.

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The Front Plot & the Front Garden are now (1815) land together in one by the removal of the fence.

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In the summer of 1815 I built the new Granary, these being  ???     before.

Population in 1821

England.........  11,486,700




In England and Wales 1820

Baptisms  343,660

Burials  208,369

Marriages 96,233

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The mortality in the several Counties of England ranges between  one in 47  & one in 73; Middlesex & Sussex being the extremes.

In Anglesey it is stated as one in 83.

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Population of England & Wales in 1801 9,168,000.

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area in square miles (English).

England - 50,535

Wales ---    7,435

..............   57,960

Presented to Bramshott Church the following by Thomas Pell PLATT Esq of Fawley and Mrs PLATT July 1842 Velvet Cover for Communion Table.

Linen cloth & napkin for the Holy Communion

Woollen cloth for Vestry by Mr & Mrs PLATT

March 1847 Silver Cruet by Mrs PLATT

Altar carpet by Mrs PLATT

March 1847 purple V cloth altar H-----y? by Mrs PLATT

Two altar Service Books one for Baptism by Mrs PLATT

August 1849   new open seats by Mrs PLATT

August 1851 kneeling cushions for Communion by the late Mrs PLATT inc Miss PLATT

Entered by the Revd L BELLAS Rector

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