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Droxford Burials 66M76


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Full transcript from June 18th 1740 to end of 1743 (old calendar) only


Thomas Adams servant of farmer Cossens of Shidfield   Certificate   June 18th 1740

George (Start?) of Swanmore, mason, June 19th 1740

John the son of Charles Knight, shoemaker of Shidfield June 20th 1740

Sarah the daughter of Willm Willby June 28th 1740

Joseph Maddison   certificate  June 13th 1740

Ann Dipnal aged 97 Sept 20th 1740

Sarah wife of Edwards (Kelsey?)  certificate  Oct 15th 1740

The widow Hea(ney?) aged 84  certificate  Feb 17th 1741

Next 2 entries illegible

Mary the wife and Elizabeth the daughter of Charles Knight of Shidfield July 11th 1741

Thomas Breonsal (?) of the parish of Droxford  Aug 7th 1741

Mary Stares of the parish of Droxford Aug 20th 1741

Thomas Kelsey of Durley  Sept 14th 1741

Ann the daughter of William and Elizabeth Sheep Sept 21st 1741

Edward Turner Keeper of Waltham Chase Oct 11th 1741

Mr Oglander Myngs at the same time his son was laid in the same vault with him Oct 22nd 1741

William Cooper of Shidfield Jan 7th 1741  (NB 1742)

Ursley (?) Cook of Shidfield Jan 19th 1741 (NB 1742)

John Stone late servant to farmer E(ale?) Feb 6th 1742  1741/2  (sic)

Thomas Heckley of Shidfield April 13th 1742

Henry Horner of Swanmore May 4th 1742

Ann daughter of John & Elizabeth Witcombe June 1st 1742

Joan Barry widow June 14th 1742

James Dagwell July 10th 1742

Elizabeth the wife of John Binstead July 30th 1742

Clement Payne Aug 26th 1742

George Dash Oct 30th 1742

Illegible  Nov 17th 1742

Illegible of Southampton Nov 22nd 1742

Illegible Dec 1st 1742

Next 2 entries illegible

Peter Davis of this parish April 5th 1743

Robert son of John Binstead April 23rd 1743

William ____ (illegible) May 3rd 1743

Mr Hatch of Southampton May 9th 1743

Mr Oglander May 16th 1743

Thomas Wassell infant May 21st 1743

Richard (Boxes??) May 26th 1743

John Dee June 6th 1743

The wife of Richard Wassell June 15th 1743

The wife of Thomas (Beacham?) June 19th 1743

The wife of Wm Taylor June 23rd 1743

Sarah (___? Illegible) of Shidfield June 24th 1743

Thomas N(____? Illegible) infant July 13th 1743

John James July 15th 1743

Elizabeth Ke___ings Aug 14th 1743

John Bosberry baseborn Sept 6th 1743

William Hellier Sept 7th 1743

Mary Sheryar (?) Sept 21st 1743

Susanna Strugnal Sept 25th 1743

Mary Cook, infant Oct 3rd 1743

Edmund Silver of Droxford Oct 14th 1743

William (Vonguma??) child of Shidfield Oct 20th 1743

Martha Kine of Swanmore Oct 23rd 1743

Moses Singleton of Shidfield Jan 27th 1743  (NB 1744)

Elizabeth Wassel of Swanmore Jan 28th  (NB 1744)

Jane daughter of Simon Hatch yeoman Jan 28th 1743 (NB 1744)

Daniel Figgins March 14th 1743 (NB 1744)

Elizabeth Sharp infant March 19th 1743 (NB 1744)


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Dulcibolea KNIGHT of ------ 92 April 04 1745

Diana BIGGS, Rebecca BIGGS & Ann BIGGS were buried in one coffin the three daughters of one birth of Thomas BIGGS miller & Elizabeth his wife

Farmer John KNIGHT of Hill February 12 1746

Robert son of William & Elizabeth HELLYER October 15 1750

The wife of Edward JURD of Swanmore February 22 1751

The wife of Edward JURD of Swanmore March 16 1751

Edward KNIGHT of Droxford April 04 1751

The wife of Joseph PLUMMER brought from Botleigh April 20 1751

The old Dame HORN of Shedfield May 19 1752

Thomas PERRIN of Droxford September 10 1754

Anne widow of Mr John KNIGHT late of St Clairs October 31 1758