Parish Registers & Other Records

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09-Apr-04 David KITCHER 25 East Boldre Bachelor Labourer   Emily Lucy HENDY 22 East Boldre Spinster   Edward KITCHER Haulier James HENDY Labourer Jonathon? ELLIS Jenny KITCHER  
10-Jun-05 Charles Albert GREGORY 34 East Boldre Bachelor Labourer   Elizabeth FRY 29 East Boldre Spinster   George GREGORY Labourer Joseph FRY Labourer Alfred GREENHAM Ellen GREENHAM  
06-Sep-05 William PAGE 27 East Boldre Bachelor Postman   Alice Elizabeth PHILLIPS 21 East Boldre Spinster   William PAGE Sub-Postmaster Eli PHILLIPS Retired Police Sergt Eli PHILLIPS Annie PHILLIPS Witness #3 Elizabeth Page Witness #4 Elizabeth Page (different Hand) Witness #5 William Page Witness #6 Elsie? Phillips
23-Sep-05 Frank WALLIS Full Age East Boldre Bachelor Labourer   Lily Gertrude HARDING Full  East Boldre Spinster   William WALLIS Blacksmith John HARDING Carter? G GREGORY Alice WALLIS Witness #3 E Harding Witness #4 Beatrice Harding
07-Oct-05 John WALLIS 26 East Boldre Bachelor Carman?   Beatrice Annie CROUCH 23 East Boldre Spinster   William WALLIS Blacksmith William CROUCH Labourer William WALLIS Eliza CROUCH  
26-Dec-05 Edwin RENYARD 28 East Boldre Bachelor Labourer   Fanny KITCHER 19 East Boldre Spinster   James RENYARD Labourer Edward KITCHER Labourer Edward KITCHER James RENYARD Witness #3 Launa May Harding
20-May-07 Alfred Edward BIZLEY 22 Freemantle? Southampton Bachelor Baker   Mary Jane KITCHER 22 East Boldre Spinster   Isaac Thos BIZLEY Painter? Oliver KITCHER Labourer Herbert Richard GILBERT Laura KITCHER  
04-Jul-07 Albert Edward VARDY 33 East Boldre Bachelor Boiler Maker Annie LANCASTER 32 East Boldre Spinster   Henry VARDY Blacksmith Walter LANCASTER ? Walter LANCASTER Elizabeth LANCASTER  
21-Oct-07 William Henry Herman BAILEY 24 St Peters Bournemouth Bachelor Carter?   Florence Ellen SHELLEY 25 East Boldre Spinster   William BAILEY Driver Of  The Fire Brigade Bournemouth George SHELLEY Carpenter Kate SHELLEY W SHELLEY  
07-Mar-08 Joseph RENYARD 32 East Boldre Bachelor Labourer   Mary Louisa BARRELL 31 East Boldre Spinster   John RENYARD Woodman Samuel BARRELL Deceased John RENYARD Jane RENYARD  
27-Jun-08 Edward Frank HOLES 35 Sway? Bachelor Labourer   Ellen CROUTEAR 28 East Boldre Spinster   Simeon HOLES Labourer Samuel CROUTEAR Fisherman Samuel CROUTEAR EMMA CROUTEAR  
19-Aug-08 Henry Charles FUDGE 22 East Boldre Bachelor Groom   Georgina Maud HOLYLAND 21 East Boldre Spinster   Thomas Bradley FUDGE Carter William HOLYLAND Slate Layer William HOLYLAND Rosina? HODDER  
24-Oct-08 George James WHEELER 28 East Boldre Bachelor Groom   Alice Victoria WALLIS 22 East Boldre Spinster   William WHEELER Dairyman William WALLIS Blacksmith George GREGORY Louise Rose WALLIS Witness #3 William H Wallis
05-Jul-09 Caleb? ABRAHAM 36 Beaulieu Widower Keeper   Jessica ADAMS 22 East Boldre Spinster   Laurence ABRAHAM Hoop Maker George ADAMS Carter James BUDDEN Emma PINK Bride Signs Name Jessie
18-Sep-09 John FRAMPTON 35 East Boldre Bachelor Labourer East End Edith WHITE 23 East Boldre Spinster East End Alfred FRAMPTON Labourer Henry WHITE Labourer George? WHITE Sarah WHITE  
10-Sep-09 George Brooks SCOTT 34 York Town Camberley Bachelor Saddler   Ada Maud KEARL 22 East Boldre Spinster   George SCOTT Sa*er Sidney KEARL Labourer Sidney? ? Emma Louisa KEARL  
18-Dec-09 Alfred William CORBIN 31 Beaulieu Bachelor Labourer   Mary Jane GREGORY 31 East Boldre Spinster   Henry CORBIN Labourer Reuben GREGORY Shoemaker Florence? May? CORBIN James/Jane? GREGORY Witness #3 ? Lowe?
28-Apr-10 Henry Charles Edward HAYWARD 25 East Boldre Bachelor Gardener   Fanny Elizabeth GREGORY 25 East Boldre Spinster   Henry HAYWARD Gardener? George GREGORY Labourer George GREGORY Clara TUPPER  
15-Jun-10 Alfred Joseph DRAKE 32 Colbury Bachelor Bricklayer   Sarah Elizabeth PHILLIPS 32 East Boldre Spinster   Frances John DRAKE Labourer George Henry PHILLIPS Farmer George Henry PHILLIPS Agnis Kate PHILLIPS  
22-Jun-10 Harry Laurence BEVIR 26 Wootton Bassett Bachelor Solicitor   Esther Cheetham BEVIR 29 East Boldre Spinster   Harry BEVIR Solicitor George BEVIR Clerk In Holy Order H BEVIR George G JONES Witness #3 G S Bevis. Bride Was Daughter Of Parish Clerk
02-Aug-10 James READ 25 East Boldre Bachelor Labourer   Frances Kate KITCHER 22 East Boldre Spinster   William READ Carter Charles KITCHER Carter Charles KITCHER Lilly KITCHER  
25-Aug-10 Charles PARSONS 27 East Boldre Bachelor Labourer   Betsy KITCHER 23 East Boldre Spinster   George PARSONS Labourer Charles KITCHER Carter Charles KITCHER Lilly KITCHER  
03-Jun-11 Harold George PHILLIPS 21 East Boldre Bachelor Gardener   Henrietta May HURL 21 East Boldre Spinster   Eli PHILLIPS Sergeant Of Police George Frederick HURL Labourer Annie? PHILLIPS William ETHERIDGE  
22-Jun-11 Harry MONCKTON 22 East Boldre Bachelor Seaman   Eliza HENDY 26 East Boldre Spinster   George MONCKTON Bricklayer James HENDY Labourer James HENDY Lilian May HENDY  
30-Sep-11 George PAGE 23 East Boldre Bachelor Chauffeur   Ethel May JONES 20 Parkstone. Dorset Spinster   William PAGE Farmer And Postmaster William JONES Cab Proprietor? William A F  JONES William PAGE Witness #3 Elizabeth Page
15-Dec-11 Albert Rolland HILL 24 East Boldre Bachelor Private ?   Laura KITCHER 23 East Boldre Spinster   William HILL Decorator Deceased Oliver KITCHER Labourer Ernest Albert HARVEY? James? KITCHER  
28-Dec-11 Robert KITCHER 33 East Boldre Bachelor Labourer Furzey Lodge Nellie ETHERIDGE 28 East Boldre Spinster Furzey Lodge David KITCHER Labourer George ETHERIDGE Labourer Henry ETHERIDGE Edith KITCHER  
06-Mar-12 Henry George Fredk KERLY 24 St ? Road Bournemouth Bachelor Painter   Alice SHELLEY 22 East Boldre Spinster   Richard KERLY Market Gardener George SHELLEY Carpenter George SHELLEY Gertrude SHELLEY  
06-Apr-12 James GREGORY 33 East Boldre Bachelor Labourer East End Ellen SHEPHERD 39 East Boldre Widow East End Reuben GREGORY Farmer Frank PHILLIPS Labourer Edgar VARDY Caroline LOWE?  
01-Jun-12 Arthur Edward CHURCHILL 30 Christchurch Bachelor Milkman   Lydia Marion? READ 30 East Boldre Spinster   James CHURCHILL Dairyman William READ Farmer William James CHURCHILL Lily READ Day Of Wedding Unreadable
19-Oct-12 Arthur Edward William Rowl DAVIS 23   Bachelor Royal Navy HMS Cheerful? Portsmouth Ada KATE 24 East Boldre Spinster East End Thomas  DAVIS Land? Bailiff Harry VARDY Engineer E F? VARDY E L? VARDY  
05-Apr-13 John BROOM 58 East Boldre Bachelor Labourer   Louisa Maria LEGGE 41 East Boldre Spinster   Thomas BROOM Labourer Samuel LEGGE Coachman George WEARN? Annie? BROOM  
30-Apr-13 Albert William MARSHALL 34   Bachelor Stoker HMS Albemarle? Lily Louisa PARKER 27 East Boldre Spinster   Charles MARSHALL Bricklayer Bradford PARKER Blacksmith Edwin BARTLETT Louisa Elizabeth PARKER Witness #3 Laura Ellen Parker Witness #4 Elsie Parker
19-Jul-13 Ernest RENYARD 30 East Boldre Bachelor Labourer   Eva Kate HENDY 18 East Boldre Spinster   John RENYARD Labourer Herbert John KITCHER Labourer Lily RENYARD Herbert John KITCHER  
01-Sep-13 Edwin BARTLETT 25 Lymington Bachelor Groom   Laura Ellen PARKER 26 East Boldre Spinster   Edwin BARTLETT Carpenter Bradford PARKER Blacksmith Edwin BARTLETT Elsie PARKER Witness #3 Eva Parker Witness #4 William Bailey?
04-Oct-13 George EVANS 29 West Southbourne Bachelor Gardener   Frances Lily PHILLIPS 31 East Boldre Spinster   Thomas E EVANS Labourer Eli PHILLIPS Retired Sergeant Metrop Police Henry? John PHILLIPS Annie PHILLIPS Witness #3 Nellie Grace Phillips
25-Dec-13 Ernest Herbert FISHER 25 East Boldre Bachelor Carter   Hester KITCHER 19 East Boldre Spinster   Henry George FISHER Carter Oliver KITCHER Gravel Contractor Herbert Richard? ??LLA?? Kathleen? Ruth BIZLEY Note Against Date 'xmas Day'
26-Dec-13 William Henry LEWIS 32 East Boldre Bachelor Labourer   Mary Jane GATES 25 East Boldre Widow   Frank LEWIS Labourer - - - Frederick W HENDY Fanny? HENDY  
13-Apr-14 Frederick PAGE 22 East Boldre Bachelor Gardener   Annie PHILLIPS 21 East Boldre Spinster   William PAGE Sub Postmaster Eli PHILLIPS Sergeant Of Met Police Retired W PAGE Eli PHILLIPS Witness #3 Eliza? May Phillips Witness #4 A Phillips
05-Apr-14 Charles Victor GREGORY 28 Beaulieu Bachelor Carter Lodge Cottage Beaulieu Eleanor LOWE 23 East Boldre Spinster   James William GREGORY Carter Charles LOWE Gardener Charles LOWE Adelaide GREGORY  
05-Jun-15 William GREGORY 32 East Boldre Bachelor Labourer   Laura May HARDING 25 Beaulieu Spinster   George GREGORY Labourer Thomas HARDING Deceased Frederick David HARDING Bessie HARDING  
09-Nov-15 James William LOWE 30 East Boldre Bachelor Soldier   Sarah Forester GREEN 40 East Boldre Spinster   James LOWE Gardener George GREEN Deceased Albert Edward THOMAS Elsie Kate LOWE  
13-May-16 Walter James THORN 28   Bachelor Private Soldier 16th Hants Regiment Chisledon Camp Wiltshire Elsie Annie Clementine HARVEY 27 East Boldre Spinster Furzey Lodge James DRODGE Labourer George HARVEY Woodman George Frederick William HARVEY Millie Ellen May DRODGE  
12-Jun-16 Sidney SMITH 57 East Boldre Bachelor Hawker   Jane ISAACS 51 East Boldre Spinster   Ambrose SMITH Hawker Deceased Jane? ISAACS Hawker Deceased Nelly ISAACS John PENFOLD  
20-Sep-17 Martin Henry Moore DRAPER 21 East Boldre Bachelor Corporal Royal Fusiliers The Vicarage East Boldre Madeline Dorothy HOPKINS 20   Spinster 34 St Johns Church Rd. Hackney John Thomas DRAPER Clerk In Holy Order William Joseph HOPKINS Chief Inspector Metropolitan Police William Joseph HOPKINS Sylvia Annie? DRAPER Groom Son Of Vicar Of This Parish
20-Nov-17 Harry Longman HOUSE 35 Beaulieu Bachelor Soldier Royal Garrison Artillery Monkshorn Farm Beaulieu Lillian Lucy KITCHER 27 East Boldre Spinster Furzey Lodge Henry HOUSE Farmer Charles Stephen KITCHER Hire Carter Charles Stephen KITCHER Bob? HOUSE  
24-Nov-17 James Edward HEWLETT 18 Boldre Bachelor Soldier Shirley Holms Helen ETHERIDGE 23 East Boldre Spinster Broom Hill Farm East Boldre William John? HEWLETT Labourer Walter John Phillip ETHERIDGE Farmer John GREGORY Beatrice ? ETHERIDGE  
12-Jan-18 Alfred James FEAST 27 Lymington Bachelor Police Constable Gosport Street Lymington Louis ETHERIDGE 26 East Boldre Spinster   Charles Thomas FEAST Brick Maker Deceased James ETHERIDGE Labourer James ETHERIDGE Mary Evelyn SANDELL?