Parish Registers & Online Transcriptions Archive

During the course of our own research, we regularly do free look ups at the Hampshire Records Office (HRO) and are happy to post the results for viewing by other family historians.

Please read, important notice

The transcripts that follow are taken from microfiche, purchased from or viewed at the Hampshire Records Office, Winchester and are subject to copyright.  They are placed here for personal research ONLY and no fee is payable.  Please do not copy any of this data if you are a commercial researcher or organisation.
No guarantee can be given as to the accuracy of the data due to illegibility of the original records and the fact that we are only human (most of the time!)

What is a look-up?

It must be stressed (as we often are!) that there is a difference between a look-up and a research project.   A look-up is a simple enquiry such as "looking for the marriage of x to y in Alverstoke between 1840 & 1850" as opposed to a request for general information on a family name over a long period of time or without a specific parish (see research facilities page for such enquiries).   Don't be afraid to ask - we WILL help if we can!

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TIP: Looking for a name and not a parish? Select a parish and select baptism, marriage or burial and then Press CTRL+F and type in the name that you are searching for.