Parish Registers & Other Records


FARLINGTON (extract from register September 13 1794)

It having been found on examining the Registers of this Parish, that the thro' dampness of the Church, in which they had been usually deposited. They had suffer'd so much from dampness to mildew as to be almost incapable of answering the purpose of a Record, & that in a short time the whole Register would have been destroy'd: To prevent, as far as might be, the dangerous consequenees of so great an evil, I have extracted from the above Registers, with all due accuracy, a fair & true copy of the marriages &  Births & had them examind by the Church - Warden, so that in case of any inquiry they will be found to tally with the extracts of the above Registers annually deliver'd in at the Chancellor's Visitation.

John BURROUGH Rector                    Geo PLUMNER Churchwarden

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