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MARRIAGES (with baptisms and burials)


This is the complete transcription of all the recorded Baptisms, Marriages and Burials in the Parish of Greatham in the County of Southon, Hampshire.

The transcribing is true to the text, with the exception of some abbreviations and minor changes from Old  to Modern English.

Greatham Rectory

          John Love                      1657

          John Hunt                      1679

          William Pilkington         1699

          William Legg                  1703

          Edmund Yalden Mills    1717



John Love son of Richard, Gent,& Barbara Love buried                           8.1.1657

Babara wife of John Love buried                                                      13.1.1657


John Love, Gent buried                                                                     5.4.1658

John son of Richard & Barbara Love baptised                                 --.3.1658


Thomas Love son of Richard Love baptised                                              14.8.1659

Mr John Holland married Mrs Barbara Love                                             18.8.1659

Thomas son of William & Jane Green baptised                                10.1.1659

Ath--se.daughter of William Baker baptised                                               14.--.1659

Timothy son of William Chase baptised                                           28.2.1659


George son of John Smith baptised                                                  28.8.1660

Jane daughter of John & Joane Chase baptised                                6.11.1660

Peter Binsted m Anne Mar (---)                                                                  12.12.1660

Richard son of Nicholas Bailey baptised                                          22.1.1660

Mary daughter of Christopher Collier baptised                                23.2.1660


Anne daughter of Robert & Anne Eldridge baptised                         2.4.1661

John son of William & Mary Hollaway baptised                              2.4.1661

Richard Page married Jane MILLS                                                   17.7.1661

Mary daughter of William & Anne Greene baptised&buried            9.10.1661

Thomas BRIDGER buried                                                                3.11.1661

Alice daughter of Thomas & Alice Figg baptised                              14.1.1661


Jane daughter of Peter & Anne Binsted baptised                              --.5.1662

Mary wife of William Chase buried                                                  4.6.1662

James son of (James?) & Margaret Hellier buried                                      16.10.1662


William son of William & Mary Hollaway baptised                         7.4.1663

John ------ m Mary-------                                                                    4.5.1663

Peter son of Peter & Anne Binsted baptised                                               18.9.1663

Elizabeth daughter of John & Elizabeth Aubrie baptised                           1.10.1663

Mary daughter of Henry & Joane Hounsom        baptised                         13.12.1663

Stephen son William & Mary Greene baptised                                 3.3.1663

Timothy son of William & Mary Chase buried                                 4.3.1663

William son of Robert & Anne Eldridge baptised                                       23.3.1663



John S.. buried                                                                              15.7.1664

John (Parksman?) buried                                                                  18.7.1664

Richard Carter married Margerie Chase                                           5.12.1664

Joane daughter of Thomas & Alice Figg baptised                                      11.12.1664

Christopher Collier buried                                                                20.12.1664

John son of John Smith buried                                                                   22.12.1664

George (----- )buried                                                                          22.12.1664


Margaret daughter of William & Mary Hollaway baptised               61.5.1665

Mr John Newlin m. Elizabeth Love,daughter of Richard &Barbara 22.5.1665

David son of David & Margaret Aubrie baptised&buried                          30.7.1665

Thomas son of John Aubrie baptised                                                         9.10.1665

Richard son of Peter & Anne Binsted baptised                                 4.12.1665

Mary daughter of Richard & Margerie Carter baptised                    24.12.1665


Alice wife of Richard Howell buried                                                 16.4.1666

Richard Newlin buried                                                                      1.5.1666

Richard MILLS, Lyss, married Rose Wells                                       18.9.1666

Richard Gammon buried                                                                            14.5.1666

Nicholas Chase ,Selbourne, m ----- Hellier                                        22.10.1666

John Terry married Elizabeth Hellier                                                          23.10.1666


John Tipper married Mary Hall                                                                  4.7.1667

John son of John Terry baptised                                                                27.8.1667

Sarah daughter of John & Elizabeth Aubrie         baptised                         13.10.1667

Joane  daughter of Peter & Anne Binsted baptised                                     9.12.1667

Rose daughter of William & Mary Hollaway baptised                     18.12.1667



William Bettesworth buried                                                              27.3.1668

Richard son of Robert & Anne Eldridge baptised                                      26.5.1668

Alice wife of Thomas Figg buried                                                     5.--.1668

Arthur son of William & Mary Greene  baptised                              --.--1668

Elizabeth daughter of John & Elizabeth Terry baptised                    5.1.1668

Nicholas Hill married Margaret (-)ane                                                        --11-1668


Thomas son of Nicholes & Margaret Hill baptised                                     21.9.1669

John Terry and daughter Elizabeth buried                                        15.1.1669

Margaret wife of (James?) Hellier buried                                          14.2.1669

Thomas Ridgell buried                                                                      23.2 1669


Richard ------- m Margaret -----                                                                   14--.1670

Thomas son of William & Mary Hollaway baptised                         20.11.1670

Richard Hill buried                                                                           10.1.1670


Jane wife of William Gamon buried                                                  5.4.1671

William son of Peter & Anne Binsted         baptised                                   30.4.1671

Richard son of Richard & Margaret P--kit baptised                                   --8-1670

John son of Arthur & ---- Figg baptised                                            12.4.1672

Nicholas son of Nicholas & Margaret Hill baptised                                   10.9.1671

John son of Mr Richard & Elizabeth Love baptised                         --8-1670


---- Hellier buried                                                                              28.4.1672

Henry Beaker married Jane Chase                                                    15.7.1672

Elizabeth Hellier buried                                                                     02.9.1672

Jane Greene,widow buried                                                                10.11.1672

Elizabeth Collier buried                                                                    11.3.1672


Richard baptised                                                                             30.3.1673

Henry son of William & Mary Hollaway baptised                                     13.9.1673

Arthur son of William & Anne Greene buried                                   23.10.1673

William son of Nicholas & Margaret Hill baptised                                     6.6.1673

Elizabeth daughter of John & Elizabeth (Purchase?) baptised          7.3.1673


Mary Newlin buried                                                                          5.5.1664

Elizabeth daughter of William & Mary Chase buried                        3.--1674

John son of Richard & Magdalene Piggott baptised                         23.8.1674

Elizabeth daughter of Thomas Hill buried                                        23.8.1674

Thomas Figg buried                                                                          25.8.1674

John son of Peter & Anne Binsted baptised                                               27.8.1674

Charles Ba--- Esq,Honorable, m Lady Maria Jones, widow             2.9.1674


John son of John & Jane Chase buried                                             4.7.1675

John son of John & Elizabeth Purchase baptised                             24.--1675

John Wills married Elizabeth Hill                                                     2.11.1675


Elizabeth wife of John Wills buried                                                   12.9.1676

John son of John Wills baptised                                                                 3.9.1676


William son of Richard & Magdalene Piggott baptised                     26.2.1677

(Jasper?) Howell m Susanne Workman                                            --5.1677

Henry son of John & Elizabeth Hellier buried                                  ---- 1677


Christopher Collier buried                                                                29.9.1678

William Baker married Jane Chase                                                   --.11.1678

Nicholas son of Richard & Magdalene Piggott baptised                             24.11.1678

Edward son of Edward & Elizabeth Hill baptised                                      23.2.1678

Nicholas Scriven  buried                                                                   21.8.1678


----- Chase buried                                                                              20.8.1679

John son of John Bone baptised                                                                 --  4.1679

Isaac son of John & Elizabeth Purchase baptised                                       17.9.1679

John Bone, Rector of Parish buried                                                  22.9.1679

Elizabeth wife of Thomas Hill buried                                                         11.2.1679

William son of William Hollaway buried                                          13.3.1679

John Gardner, Steep, m Joan -----,Selbourne                                              --   6.1679


Nicholas Betsworth, Petersfield, m Mary Hollaway                         25.10.1680

John Hasler buried                                                                                     8.11.1680

Richard Smith married Joan Newlyn                                                          2.2.1680


Nicholas Bayley buried                                                                     27.4.168(1)

Elizabeth daughter of William Green buried                                               3.4.1681

Elizabeth daughter of William & mary Cresswell baptised               --8.1681

Mary daughter of John & Elizabeth Purchase baptised                    11.9.1681

Mary Figg buried                                                                              --5.1681

James son of Richard & Magdalene Piggott         baptised                         21.1.1681

John Smith buried                                                                                      ----   1681

Elizabeth daughter of Edward & Elizabeth Hill baptised                           12.2.1681

Mary Skinner, widow buried                                                            22.4.1681





Elizabeth daughter of Thomas& Jane Limming baptised                           17.9.1682

John son of Thomas & Jane Limming baptised                                ------1679

Elizabeth daughter of Richard & Joane Smith baptised                    3.1.1682

Jane ----- buried                                                                                 3.3.1682


Dorcas daughter of John & Dorcas Hearsay baptised & buried                 4.4.1683

Ann daughter of John & Elizabeth Purchase baptised                      7--1683

John son of John & Abigail Hills baptised & buried                         ----1683

William son of George & Mary (We)lls baptised                               30.1.1683

Mary H(ea)th buried                                                                         15.3.1683


Lucy daughter of John & Dorcas Hearsay baptised                                   5.4.1684

Elizabeth daughter of John & Elizabeth Mew,Selbourne         baptised      -----1684

Richard Betsworth buried                                                                 -----1684

George (W)ells buried                                                                       -----1684

Edward Green m Ann Carter                                                            14.10.1684

John son of John & Anne Tewersley baptised                                  27.10.1684

John Purchase buried                                                                        11.3.1684



Richard son of Richard & Joan Smith baptised                                8---.1685

Thomas Hill, an aged man buried                                                     19.1.1685


John Terry buried                                                                             1.7.1686

Magdalen wife of Richard Piggott of          H--court died in childbith        15.7.1686

George son of Thomas & Mary Hudson,Selbourne baptised            10.10.1686

Joan wife of John Chase buried                                                                  29.11.1686

Henry son of John & Dorcas Hearsey baptised                                2.1.1686

John son of Thomas & Joan Limming baptised                                10.1.1686

Mary daughter of John & Elizabeth Mew,Selbourne baptised          17.4.1686


Mr Samuel Palmer of -----ton m Mrs Susanna Hanbury,Buriton                21.5.1687

Joan Newlyn buried                                                                          8.7.1687

William Hearsey m Mary Carter                                                       19.11.1687

Daniel White married Mary Hodges                                                 25.4.1687

Elizabeth wife of William Newlyn,Selbourne buried                         28.2.1687


Edward son of Edward & ---- Heath buried                                               --.6.1688

John son of Richard & Joan Smith buried                                        22.7.1688

Daniel son of Daniel & Mary White baptised                                   --.8.1688

Mary daughter of William & Mary Hearsey baptised                       30.9.1688

William Newlyn, Selbourne married.Frances Chapman, widow                 15.10.1688

Jonathan Chapman married.Anne Hounsom                                             21.11.1688

Mary daughter of Edward & Elizabeth Hill baptised                        11.11.1688



Mary daughter of John & Ann Tewersley baptised                                    3.7.1689

Richard Smith buried                                                                       11.6.1689

Joane daughter of Thomas & Joane Limming baptised                    4.8.1689

John son of John & Dorcas Hearsey baptised                                  22.11.1689

William son of William & Mary Hearsey baptised                                     14.1.1689


Jonathan son of Jonathan & Anne Chapman baptised                     22.6.1690

John son of James & Elizabeth Chapman baptised                                    28.9.1690

Elizabeth daughter of John Bone,,LYSS buried                                --.--  1690

Elizabeth wife of William Chase, Selbourne buried                                    17.10.1690


Mary daughter of Daniel & Mary White baptised                                      14.4.1691

Eleanor daughter of Zachariah & Jane BRIDGER baptised             28.7.1691

Henry Lyntott married.Mary (Mabberly?) of Farnham, Surrey                  19.7.1691

John son of William & Mary Hearsey baptised                                23.8.1691

---- wife of Nicholas Chase buried                                                     11.12.1691

Elizabeth daughter of Thomas & Mary Hudson baptised                          23.2.1691


Elizabeth daughter of John & Ann Tewersley baptised                     --. 4.1692

Thomas son of Thomas Joane Limming baptised                                      24.4.1692

Mrs Elizabeth Love buried                                                                24.8.1692

James son of Jonathan & Anne Chapman baptised                                   14.9.1692

---- Figg buried                                                                                  --10.1692

William Chase, Selbourne, buried                                                     --.12.1692

Henry son of John & Dorcas Hearsey buried                                             14.3.1692


Zachariah son of Zachariah & Jane BRIDGER baptised                            28.4.1693

Mary Smith buried                                                                                     --. 3.1693

Stephen Greene buried                                                                      30.5.1693

John Bayley married Ann Figg                                                                   31.5.1693

Richard Aslett, Bramshott, married. Elizabeth Collyer                     31.5.1693

Richard son of William & Mary Hearsey baptised                                     --.--1693


Mary daughter of John & Ann Bayley baptised                               --.3.1694

Elizabeth Bone buried                                                                       --.7.1694

Katherine Hill buried                                                                        9.7.1694

William Hollaway buried                                                                            14.8.1694

Richard Love Esq buried                                                                            18.--1694


Thomas Hellier m. Mary Hammond                                                 9.9.1695

Elizabeth daughter of William & Ann Chase baptised                      18.8.1695

John son of John & Ann Bayley baptised                                         --. 9.1695

Nicholas son of Nicholas & Margaret Chapman baptised                          --. 1.1695

Elizabeth daughter of William & Mary Hearsey                               23.12.1695


Mary daughter of Thomas & Margaret Hill baptised                        26.4.1696

Henry son of Thomas & Joan Limming baptised                             12.7.1696

George Hill, Selbourne buried                                                           9.8.1696

Ann wife of (William?)Greene buried                                                         17.10.1696

------ Green buried                                                                                       19.12.1696



Thomas son of Daniel & Mary White baptised                                24.11.1697

Richard son of John & Ann Bayley baptised                                             16.1.1697

Hannah daughter of Zachariah & Jane BRIDGER baptised             20.3.1697


Nicholas son of William & Mary Hearsey baptised                                    26.4.1698

William Matthews married Sarah Knight of Petersfield                    28.4.1698

Mary daughter of William & Anne Chase baptised                                    --.12.1698


Nicholas son of John & Ann Bayley baptised                                  1.1.1699

William Green buried                                                                        13.1.1699


Martha Hills buried                                                                           24.6.1700

Thomas son of Zachariah & Jane BRIDGER baptised                     13.10.1700

Thomas son of William & Mary Hearsey baptised                                     22.8.1700


Joan wife of William Newlin, of Selbourne buried                                      12.5.1701

Ann daughter of John & Ann Bayley baptised                                 16.8.1701

William Hills buried                                                                          4.9.1701

Anne wife of Peter Binsted buried                                                    --.11-1701


Ann daughter of John Tewersley buried                                           27.4.1702

Robert H---th buried                                                                         17.11.1702

Thomas Chase buried                                                                       14.1.1702

John son of Zachariah & Jane BRIDGER baptised                                    14.2.1702

Nicholas son of Daniel White baptised                                             17.3.1702


Elizabeth daughter of John & Elizabeth Love buried                        31.3.1703

Thomas son of Thomas & Margaret Hill baptised                                     25.7.1703

Peter Binsted buried                                                                          19.--1703

Robert son of John &Ann Bayley baptised                                                8.10.1703

William son of Nicholes & Margaret Chase baptised                        --.12.1703


Oliver Callingham buried.Affidavit by Edward Wharton,Empshott 10.4.1704

Bennett Kemp, Alton married Mary Hughes,widow East Worldham         13.7.1704

Elizabeth daughter of John & Elizabeth Love baptised                     15.8.1704

Robert (Ruffell ?) of Bighton married Ursula Hill                                      25.10.1704

Anne daughter of William & Mary Hearsey baptised                       26.11.1704

Elizabeth daughter of Daniel & Mary White baptised                      5.1.1704

Anne Knight of Trotton buried.Aff.Mr Sam Palmer, Trotton           5.1.1704

William son of William & Elizabeth Legg baptised                                     17.2.1704


John Tewersley buried. Aff.Charles Cole Esq.                                  2.1.1705

Sarah daughter of John & Ann Bayley baptised                               26.3.1705


Thomas Hill buried. Aff. Mr Wharton,Empshott                              29.3.1706

Mary daughter of John & Elizabeth Love baptised                                    2.4.1706

William son of William & Elizabeth Legg, Clerk buried                    24. 11.1706

          Aff.Mr Greenway Rector of Hartley

Joane Figg buried. Aff. Mr Wharton, Vicar of Empshott                           2.1.1706

Letitia daughter of William & Elizabeth Legg buried                        15.3.1706

          Aff. Mr Greenway of Hartley


William son of William & Elizabeth Legg baptised                                     28.4.1707

Francis (F)ry, Alton married Elizabeth Mose of East Worldham                7.5.1707

Robert illegitimate son of Elizabeth Mew baptised                                     --7.1707

Robert bastard son of Elizabeth Mew buried                                             5.7.1707

Elizabeth daughter of Richard & Elizabeth Web baptised                          13.7.1707

Mary daughter of Isaac & Mary Purchase baptised                                   21.7.1707

Sarah daughter of William & Mary Hearsey baptised                      7.3.1707

Sarah daughter of William & Mary Hearsey buried                                   10.3.1707


John son of  John & Elizabeth Love baptised                                   --.5.1708

Charity, relict of Richard Love Esq buried                                                 18.5.1708

          Aff. Mr Wharton of Empshott

William Waterman, Gosport married Magdalen Hollaway,Portsmouth      28.6.1708

Mary daughter of Richard & Elizabeth Web baptised                       5.9.1708

John Baker married Elizabeth Habens of Lyss                                  19.10.1708

William son of William & Anne Terry of Lyss baptised                    27.10.1708

Jane wife of Zachariah BRIDGER buried. Aff Mr Wharton, Empshott     1.2.1708

Peter Boys of West Worldham  married Rose Hollaway                             2.2.1708

John Symmons of (----------) buried.Aff.Mr Wharton, Empshott                4.2.1708

Richard Carter the Younger buried.Aff. Mr Wharton, Empshott               13.2.1708

William Chase buried Aff. Mr Wharton, Empshott                                    16.2.1708


Thomas Limming buried.Aff Mr Wharton, Empshott                     18.4.1709

Margery wife of Richard Carter buried                                             23.7.1709

Thomas Piller, widower, Bentworth married Margaret Hill.widow   15.8.1709

William Rab--se married Sarah White, widow both of Bramshott    15.12.1709

Zachariah Bridger buried                                                                            22.12.1709

Thomas son of John & Ann Bayley baptised                                             31.1.1709


James Knight married Mary Hill, both of Lyss                                 27.6.1710

James son of William & Mary Hearsey baptised                              1.11.1710

Mary daughter of Robert & Elizabeth Taylor baptised                     15.11.1710

Daniel White buried                                                                          7.12.1710

John Habens of Haslemere married Mary Purchase                                   7.2.1710

Mary wife of Thomas Hudson buried                                                         15.2.1710


Mary daughter of Edward & Mary Yalden baptised                                   23.7.1711

Robert Bastin of Harting married Anne Cowdrey                                      7.10.1711

Bernard Burningham, Binsted married Anne Jeffery,Neatham                   8.10.1711

Anne daughter  of John & Anne Purchase baptised                                   19.2.1711

Robert son of Robert & Mary Erle baptised                                              5.3.1711

-----  ------ son of Mary Tewersley baptised                                       8.3.1711

Sarah daughter of Richard & Elizabeth Web baptised                      6.9.1711


William son of William & Mary Yalden baptised                              9.9.1712

Thomas White buried                                                                       11.9.1712

John Pink of Froxfield married Rose ----ner                                               4.10.1712


Richard son of Robert & Elizabeth Taylor baptised                                   5.6.1713

Thomas Earwaker of West Meon married Anne Chase                     20.7.1713

Mary daughter of Robert & Mary Erle baptised                               16.8.1713

Ann Tyersley, widow buried                                                             6.1.1713


John son of  John & Anne Purchase baptised                                            6.4.1714

Ann daughter of William & Elizabeth Legg buried                                     20.9.1714

William Newlin of Selbourne buried                                                           30.10.1714

Richard Callingham buried                                                               23.11.1714

Oliver Callingham buried                                                                  15.12.1714

William Good(----) buried                                                                  10.2.1714

Joan Limming buried                                                                        19.2.1714


John Martin of Stedham Sussex married Mary Taylor                     14.7.1715

Nicholas Chase buried                                                                      2.9.1715

Nicholas Clark of Whitley Surrey married Mary White                    26.9.1751

Mary daughter of Thomas & Mary Figg baptised                                      27.9.1715

Anne daughter of William & Mary Matthews baptised                    13.10.1715

Mary wife of John Habens of Haslemere buried                               19.11.1715

Mary daughter of Thomas Figg buried                                                       3.12.1715            

John Purchase buried                                                                        5.1.1715

Edward Green buried                                                                        6.2.1715

Elizabeth daughter of Robert &Elizabeth Taylor baptised                         17.2.1715




Mary Hollaway, widow, buried                                                                  4.4.1716

John son of John &Mary (Ay)ersley baptised                                   23.7.1716

Joan wife of William Chase buried                                                    27.9.1716

Elizabeth daughter of John&Anne Purchase        baptised                         8.10.1716

Martha daughter of Richard& Elizabeth Webb baptised                            16.11.1716

Elizabeth Kimber,widow of Selbourne,buried                                   16.12.1716

Richard son of William Legg, late Rector,buried                               27.12.1716


John son of Richard&Elizabeth Taylor baptised                              2.4.1717

Thomas Hudson ,widower, buried                                                    13.4.1717

John MILLS married Margaret Callingham both of Greatham                   5.5.1717


Henry son James&Mary Roberts baptised                                       --.--.1718

Thomas son of Ann Jones of Harting baptised                                 --.--.1718

Elizabeth daughter of Thomas&Mary Figg baptised                        --.--.1717

Mary daughter of John&Mary Tewersley baptised                                    12.3.1717

John son of William &Mary Matthews baptised                              9.7.1718

Mary daughter of William&Rose Hudson baptised                                    14.7.1718

James son of Richard&Elizabeth Webb baptised                              5.10.1718

Elizabeth daughter of Thomas&Mary Figg baptised                        7.1.1718



Edward W----er Basingstoke married Anne Holes                                      19.5.1719

Margaret wife of Thomas Hill buried                                                         19.6.1719

Robert Wheatley married.Mary Ball both of Greatham                    17.6.1719

Richard son of John & Anne Purchase baptised                               31.9.1719

Elizabeth daughter of John &Margaret MILLS baptised                            19.11.1719

Richard son of John & Mary Tewersley baptised                                       9.12.1719

Joanna daughter of Edmund &Elizabeth Yalden, Clerk, baptised     28.--.1719

William son of Robert & Elizabeth Taylor baptised                                   12.1.1719

Anne daughter of Jonathan&Susan Chapman baptised                             20.3.1719


Mary Purchase, wife of Isaac Purchase of Harting  buried                         1.5.1720

Arthur son of Thomas& Mary Figg baptised                                             9.5.1720

Robert son of Robert & Mary Wheatly baptised                              9.5.1720

John son of Isaac Purchase buried                                                    11.6.1720

William son of Thomas & Mary Figg buried                                              --.9.1720

Richard Carter buried                                                                       19.--.1720

John Green, parish of Selbourne, buried                                           5.1.1720


Benjamin son of William & Mary Matthews baptised                      13.4.1721

Edward Hole buried                                                                          28.5.1721

Elizabeth Purchase, widow, buried                                                   28.7.1721

Elizabeth wife of Robert Taylor buried                                             4.8.1721

Mary daughter of John & Anne Purchase baptised                                    6.8.1721

William son of John & Mary Tewersley baptised                             12.9.1721

Thomas son of Thomas & Mary Figg baptised                                12.11.1721

Mary daughter of Robert & Mary Wheatley baptised                      12.9.1721


Thomas (----) m Hannah Cooper                                                      1.4.1722

Edmund son of Edmund & Hannah Yalden baptised                        29.5.1722

John son of John & Mary Mayhew  baptised                                             24.7.1722

Mary daughter of John & Margaret MILLS baptised                       18.7.1722

Anne daughter of William & Anne Blanchard,Harting baptised                 3.7.1722

John son of Robert & Mary Wheatley baptised                                --.---.1722

Elizabeth Hill, widow buried                                                             3.2.1722


Anthony Wateridge m Anne Marley (Haslemere)                              6.7.1723

Roger Lort, St Martins in the Fields, m Mrs Anne Jenkins(Farsham)        31.8.1723

Nicholas Hill buried                                                                          18.9.1723

Joan Smith Buried                                                                                      23.9.1723

Robert Taylor,Widower of Selbourne buried                                              23.9.1723

Rebecca French married                                                                    1.1.1723

John son of John & Margaret MILLS         baptised                                   13.1.1723

Mary daughter of John & Mary Mayhew baptised                                    13.1.1723

Anne daughter of John & Mary Tewersley baptised                         17.1.1723

Joseph son of Robert & Mary Wheatly baptised                              16.2.1723


William son of Thomas & Mary Figg baptised & buried                            5.4.1724

William son of Edmund & Hannah Yalden baptised                         16.4.1724

Elizabeth daughter of William & Rose Hudson baptised                            28.7.1724

Richard Oakly buried                                                                        7.12.1724

John son of Nicholes & Mary Clark baptised                                   6.1.1724

William son of Daniel & Mary Gillam of Lyss, baptised                            31.1.1724

Thomas son of Robert & Rebecca Taylor baptised                                    2.2.1724

Arthur son of Arthur & Jane Trimmer of Priors Dean baptised                 21.2.1724

Richard Piggott buried                                                                      3.3.1724

Sarah daughter of Solomon & Anne Philp of Lyss baptised             24.3.1724



Sarah daughter of John & Anne Purchase baptised                                    15.7.1725

Jane daughter of Richard & Mary Baker of Selbourne baptised                5.9.1725

Anne daughter of John & Frances Trimmer baptised                       27.12.1725

William son of John & Mary Mayhew ofSelbourne baptised           6.5.1726

Elizabeth daughter of John & Mary Tewersley baptised                            15.5.1726

Sarah daughter of William & Rose Hudson baptised                        16.5.1726

Nicholas son of  Nicholas & Mary Clark baptised/died                    13.7.1726

Mary wife of Thomas Figg buried                                                     2.7.1726

William Chase buried                                                                        4.7.1726

Anne daughter of John & Margaret MILLS         baptised                         2.9.1726

Rebeccah daughter of Robert & Rebecca Taylor baptised                          4.4.1726


Ann daughter of Joane Purchase of Harting buried                                    17.4.1727

Sarah daughter of Robert & Mary Wheatly baptised                       5.7.1727

Anna daughter of John & Mary Tewersley baptised                         4.8.1727

Ann Oakley of Trotton buried                                                          14.8.1727

John son of John & Frances Trimmer baptised                                8.9.1727

Mary daughter of Charles & Mary Long baptised                                      16.9.1727

Mary wife of William Matthew buried                                                        10.11.1727



Johnn Creed, traveller buried                                                            13.4.1728

Nicholas Chase married Elizabeth Compton                                              28.4.1728

Rose daughter of William & Rose Hudson baptised                         26.5.1728

Thomas son of John & Mary Mayhew of Selbourne baptised                   13.7.1728

Arthur Boles married Mary Chiverton                                                       2.10.1728

John Wood married Ann Ayling of Lyss                                            31.12.1728


John son of Arthur & Mary Boles baptised                                               26.2.1729

James son of John & Mary Tewersley baptised                                20.5.1729

Ann daughter of Robert & Mary Wheatley baptised                        19.7.1729

William son of John & Margaret MILLS baptised 29.7.1729 buried          5.8.1729

James son of Charles & Mary Long baptised                                             21.8.1729

Mary daughter of John & Frances Trimmer baptised                       24.8.1729

William Chase buried                                                                        18.9.1729

Richard son of Richard & Mary Baker of Selbourne baptised                   26.11.1729

Elizabeth daughter of Nicholas & Elizabeth Chase        baptised               16.12.1729

Hannah Hearsay buried                                                                    19.12.1729


Elizabeth Chalingham buried                                                            30.3.1730

John Trimmer buried                                                                        21.4.1730

Mary Moon Selbourne,buried                                                           6.5.1730

Nicholas Picket buried                                                                      21.5.1730

Thomas Dance,Selbourne, married Joan Cranston,Binsted              8.7.1730

Thomas son of Thomas & Mary BRIDGER                                              8.7.1730

Arthur son of Arthur & Mary Boles baptised                                            7.8.1730

Henry son of John & Mary Tewersley baptised                                20.11.1730

Margaret daughter of John & Margaret MILLS baptised                           14.1.1730

Elizabeth daughter of Richard & Ann Shoveller,Lyss baptised                  15.2.1730

Joseph son of Charles & Mary Long baptised                                  2.3.1730

John son of John & Ann BRIDGER baptised                                   5.3.1730


Elizabeth Mayhew, Selbourne, buried                                                        23.5.1731

Mary Wheatly buried                                                                        24.7.1731

John Bayley buried                                                                           6.7.1731

Robert Mayhew, Selbourne buried                                                    20.10.1731

Richard son of Arthur & Mary Boles baptised                                 24.10.1731

John son of Thomas & Mary BRIDGER baptised                                     22.1.1731

John Bone, Buriton, buried                                                               25.2.1731

John son of John & Mary MILLS baptised                                                18.4.1732

Olive Purchase late of Harting buried                                                         24.5.1732

Sarah daughter of Nicholas & Frances Bayley baptised                             4.6.1732

Robert Wheatley married Ann M--ry                                                          5.6.1732

William son of Nicholas & Mary Clark baptised                              2.7.1732

Elizabeth daughter of Charles & Mary Long, Clerk, baptised          15.8.1732

William Matthews buried                                                                  26.9.1732

William Piller (Pitter?),Upton Grey married Jane Naish, Kingsley   8.10.1732

Anne Purchase buried                                                                       01.01.1732

John Piggot buried                                                                                      11.10.1732

Elisabeth Smith buried                                                                      30.12.1732

John Love buried                                                                              23.1.1732

Joan Newland, Selbourne buried                                                      4.1.1732

Nicholas son Nicholas & Elizabeth Chase baptised                                   20.2.1732


William Dunce of Selbourne married Elisabeth Batchelor,Haslemere         25.3.1733

Henry Gammon married Mary Lipscomb both of Hawkley             8.4.1733

Thomas Hill married Mary Larby                                                     27.4.1733

Robert Newland, Selbourne buried                                                   29.7.1733

Thomas Cob. married Mary Philp both of Lyss                               9.10.1733

Sarah daughter of John & Margaret MILLS        baptised                         22.10.1733

William son of Thomas & Mary Carpenter of Lyss       baptised               4.11.1733

Nicholas Chase buried                                                                      8.11.1733


Robert son of Arthur & Mary Boles baptised                                            10.3.1734

Mary daughter of Thomas & Mary Hill baptised                             13.3.1734

Joseph son John & Mary Tewersley baptised                                            26.4.1734

John Hill of Harting married Elizabeth Smith                                   26.5.1734            


William Billinghurst of Midhurst married Judith Turner of Bramshott                23.10.1735

Reverend Mr Elysman Peachy, Clerk, married Mrs Mary Clement,Steep  5.11.1734

Thomas Knight married Rose Goldring both of Petersfield                        26.5.1735

Henry Small of Empshott married Mary Mason                                        25.11.1735

James Hersey married Elizabeth Silvester of Selbourne                             4.10.1736

Nicholas BRIDGER married Mary Cowdrey both of Lyss                                  8.7.1736

Edward Birch married Jane Hall both of Petersfield                                   30.3.1741

Mr Daniel Tribe married Mrs Elizabeth Goldsmith both of Petersfield                23.9.1742

James Hobbs of Petersfield married Elizabeth Meers of Buriton                         12.1.1743

John Albury married Sarah Hudson                                                           20.7.1746

Thomas Marton married Mary Hudson, both of Petersfield                       22.11.1747

Thomas Figg married Anne Street                                                              2.2.1748

John ----ks married Mary ---aft of Steep                                                     23.7.1751

NO RECORDS on mikrofiche for 1752, 1753,1754

Banns of John Fry & Mary Hill                                                        23& &&13.7.1755

John Fry & Mary Hill married                                                                             18.7.1755

          Groom signed, bride with X. Witness John Monday, William Hudson (X)

Banns of John Wheatly & Hannah Trimmer                                     4,&14&,21.9.1755

Banns of James Luckens & Jane Rook of Empshott               14&21&28.9.1755

Banns of Thomas Turvil & Mary Blackman,Newton Valence 16&23&30.9.1755

Banns of Richard Eames, Eastbourne & Sarah Bailey            21&28&5.10.1755

William Christopher, Arundel, Shipwright m Elizabeth Fuller                             1.2.1757

          Witness Thomas Scardefield & William Hudson

Edward Lyde of Buriton, widower married Anne Smith, widow                         2.7.1760

          Witness James Colchett & Chidiwick (Parsons?)

Richard Eames of Eastbourne married Sarah Bailey                                  15.10.1760

          Witness William Eames & Thomas Hill

Banns of John BRIDGER Lyss & Elizabeth Hearsey                       28&4&11.1.1761

John BRIDGER of Lyss married Elizabeth Hearsey                                   16.1.1761

          Witness Richard BRIDGER & Henry Hearsey

Banns of Joseph Wheatly, Kingsley & Catherine Kemp                   --.&--&--     1761

Joseph Wheatly, Kingsley married Catherine Kemp                                  7.5.1761

          Witness Richard Bailey & Thomas Hill

Banns of John Banston & Mary (Clewer?) of Empshott                  18&22&29.3.1761

Banns of Nicholas Carpenter & Elizabeth Yalden                             19&26&2.8.1761

          Witness Constantia Newlin & Chidiwick (Parsons?)

Banns of John Fairmanner, Headley & Mary Smith                         13&20&27.6.1761

          Witness Chidiwick (Parsons?) & Thomas Hill

John Fairmanner of  Headley married Mary Smith                                              18.7.1762

          Witness Jonas Nash & Thomas Hill

John Small, Cordwainer married Anne Smith                                            5.12.1761

          Witness George Small & Thomas (Howe?)

Rev. Thomas Harrison, Colmer,age 27, married Constantia Newlin          12.10.1762

William Bettesworth,known as Dance, married Jane Rawlins                    12.10.1762

          Witness Richard Newlin & James W-el

Jacob Philpott married Sarah Carpenter                                                    21.11.1763

          Witness John Fry & Thomas Hill

John Carpenter, Cordwainerof Lyss married Sarah Mullard                      28.12.1763

          Witness Thomas Hill

Henry Hearsey the Younger married Catherine Small                                4.2.1764

          Witness Richard Hearsey & Elizabeth Vengeham

Richard Powel of Steep married Olive Hoare                                             5.4.1764

          Witness Thomas Hill & Thomas Woods

Thomas Loe married Sarah Purchase                                                                   5.8.1764

          Witness John Fry & Mary Hirbert

James Marshall married Anne Bettesworth                                                          4.10.1765

          Witness Thomas MILLS & Richard Hearsey

John Hearsey married Hannah Smith of Headley                                       13.10.1767

          Witness Beata Newlin

Banns read Thomas Lipscomb & Hannah BRIDGER                                1,8.11.1767

William Fairmanner married Elizabeth (Rawlence?)                                   --.--.1769

NO RECORDS on mikrofiche 1768, 1770.1771

Richard Greene M.A.Oxford Fellow married Beata Newlin                       10.7.1772

          Witness Mary Yarden & William Webb

Robert Bone of Linchmore married Sarah Awberry                                             23.8.1772

          Both signed X. Witness John Fry & Thomas Hill

William Smith married Elizabeth Wheatley                                                          16.10.1772

          Groom signed.Bride X. Witness Thomas Hill & Beata Green

John Nottingham married Sarah MILLS                                                    2.10.1773

Groom signed,Bride With X. Witness Thomas MILLS & William Street

Charles Nash married Elizabeth MILLS                                                     29.8.1774

          Both signed With X. Witness John Shrub & Thomas Hill

James Webb the Younger married Sarah Eades of Headley                        4.7.1775

          Groom signed.Bride With X.Witness James & Elizabeth Webb

John Hounsome married Mary BRIDGER                                                 17.10.1775

          Both signed X. Witness William Clark & Hannah Hearsey

John Carpenter of Selbourne married Sarah Street                                              23.7.1776

          Both signed. Witness John Burbey, James & John Purchase ,(Harry?) Carpenter

Jacob Barnet  married Mary Fry                                                                23.12.1776

          Both signed with X . Witness Thomas Hill & John Alberry

William Griffatt of Kingsley married Mary Figg                                         11.2.1777

          Groom signed .Bride X Witness John Hearsey


Francis Kinchet married Lydia Marford                                                     29.5.1777

          Groom with X.Bride signed. Witness Thomas Hill & John Awberry

Richard Knight of Lyss married Mary Street                                                       26.11.1777

          Both signed. Witness Thomas Lamboll & William Smither

William New of Lyss married Frances Reading                                          25.7.1779

          Groom signed.Bride With X Witness Richard & Bett Hogsflesh

Edward Budd of Bramshot married Hannah Wheatley                              7.10.1779

          Both signed X. Witness James Wheatley & William Smith.

James Luckins of Rogate married Rose Beal                                                        11.10.1779

          Groom Signed.Bride X. Witness John Luckins & Anthony MILLS

John White married Sarah Redding                                                            14.5.1780

          Both signed X. Witness Thomas Hill & John Hearsey

Abraham Knight of Liss married Mary Chase                                            4.10.1780

          Groom signed.Bride X. Witness Thomas Hill, James Carter X,Elizab Street X

Thomas BRIDGER married Mary Carpenter                                                      19.10.1781

          Groom signed.Bride X   Witness David Moor & Elizabeth Cantrill

Francis Barnett married Elizabeth Dean                                                     23.10.1781

          Groom signed. Bride X  Witness Isaac Dean & Sarah Dean & Thomas Hill

William Moore married Elizabeth Webb                                                     7.12.1781

          Witness William Piggott & Thomas Hill

Thomas Ramppen, Kingsley married Elizabeth Lemon                              15.12.1781

          Both signed X      Witness Robert Bowles & Thomas Hill

Thomas Sawkins married Mary Lemon                                                     1.1.1783

          Witness William (H)ills & George Street

Robert Inwood of Fareham married Jenny Heath                                                27.2.1783

          Witness Richard Porter

William Earwicker married Lydia Garnet                                                   4.3.1783

          Witness Richard Garnet

John Blanchard of Hawkley married Elizabeth Lillywhite                                   26.3.1783

          Groom signed.Bride With X    Witness James Wheatly & William Smith

Thomas Mitchell of Bramshott married Ann MILLS                                  23.5.1783

          Witness Thomas MILLS & Thomas STILWELL

James Bone married Jane Betsworth                                                                   18.6.1783

          Witness William Fairmanner & William Smith

Thomas Voakes married Mary Marshall                                                    3.11.1784

          Groom signed.Bride With X    Witness William Smith

John Hunt of Alton married Frances Heath                                                         20.1.1787

          Witness Richard Porter & Ann Street

John Carsley of Petersfield married Elizabeth Banks                                 9.4.1787

          Witness Mary Banks & John Lee

John Levat married Anne Heath                                                                           27.12.1787

          Witness John Fry & Frances Albury

James Cooper married Anne Wells                                                             27.7.1789

          Both signed X      Witness William Tull & Amey Tull

Thomas Wheatley married Anne Evans                                                     26.7.1789

          Both signed X      Witness John Fry & John Shotter

John Lipscomb married Hannah Hearsey                                                   29.12.1789

          Both signed.         Witness John Baker & Sarah Hearsey                                                       

Richard Lemon married Hannah P--l                                                                   3.10.1790

          Witness John Fry & John Coles

Thomas Kilsey of Priors Dean married Sarah Eames of Newton                         23.7.1790

          Both signed X

Anthony MILLS married Ann Clements of Steep                                                19.9.1792

          Both Signed.Witness John MILLS & Thomas STILWELL

Barnet Marshall married Mary Barret or Bennet                                       30.3.1793

          Witness John Fry & John Shotter

Charles Hirbert of Hawkley married Anne Strreet                                               16.6.1794

          Witness John Fry & John Shotter

Thomas Wells married Elizabeth Cozens                                                    19.4.1794

          Witness William Tull & Mary Cozens

NO MARRIAGES from Nov 19.1794 to 1797

William Carpenter of Steep married Jane Amey                                         17.5.1797

          Witness John Warren & Hannah Carpenter

Robert Bennet, Farmer,Oakhanger married Dinah Heath                                    9.11.1797

          Witness Thomas& Elizabeth Bennet

Samuel Ghey of Wiltshire married Sarah Hearsey                                               2.10.1798

          Witness Henry Hearsey & John baker

George Heath married Sarah Bettesworth                                                  18.4.1799

          Witness John Fry & Elizabeth Pam(ber?)

John Tulloc(k?) Married Henrietta Hearsey                                                         17.2.1801

          Witness Sam Ghey & James Cobden                                     

John Earwaker married  Mary Lloyd                                                                   --.10.1801

          Witness John Fry & Mary Turner

Jacob Barnet married Frances Lemon of Selbourne                                               6.6.1802

          Witness John Fry & George Street

NO RECORDS on mikrofiche 1803,1804,1805,1806

William Baker of Alton married        Elizabeth Street                                         22.2.1807

          Witness John Baker & Maria Berriman

James Sutton married Ann Lamboll                                                           18.5.1807

          Witness William Hammond & Mary Lamboll & William Tull

Eli Heath married Mary Ann Giddons of Alton                                          3.5.1807

          Witness George Giddons & Lucy Meggs

William Meggs of Selbourne married Sarah Tull                                        27.11.1807

          Witness William Tull & James Cooper & Elizabeth Wheatley

James Higgs of Amsted married Sarah Money                                           17.1.1810

          Witness James Inwood & William Fairmanner

Thomas Liming married Elizabeth Wheatley                                                       20.10.1809

          Witness Charles (Grantice??)

John Barnet a bachelor married Dinah Dean                                                       4.10.1810

          Witness Martha Barnet                                       

James Stoke of Newington married Mary Stenning                                             24.9.1810

          Witness Elizabeth Stenning

Peter Phillips a bachelor of Selbourne married Ann Knight                       28.9.1812

          Witness Mary Newton

John West a bachelor of Hawkley married Sarah Hole                               8.4.1812

          Witness Elizabeth Hoare

NO RECORDS on mikrofiche 1813,1814,1815