Parish Registers & Other Records

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Sarah KNIGHT wife of James May 09 1765

Agnes HAM of Portsmouth April 16 1769

William MILLER April 17 1769

George GLYNN an ancien man May 22 1769

Joanna STEPHENS a widow aged 67, she was found dead in her bed June 30 1769

William DIDDEMAN servant to Mr SMITH was killed by the timber carriage July 22 1769

Samuel BEAGLEY, an ancient man July 23 1769

Mary Loveluck WHITING the eldest son of four bastard children born of Mary WHITING lately brought by a --- from Plymouth --- parish August 15 1769

Another of the Bastards of Mary WHITING aforesaid both name & sex unknown September 08 1769

John WAFSAIL who dy’d of the smallpox December 17 1770

George ADAMS of the same. This young ------ of the foregoing. I verify that the best --- persons in the parish December 20 1770

Mary FOWLES an aged woman January 10 1771

William EAMES a sojourner December 02 1771

The widow LEROUX March 29 1772

Francis CARPENTER of Fontley Hill, a young man killed by falling under the wheels of his waggon May 13 1772

William HELLYER aged 22 years of consumption June 17 1772

Jane daughter of Joseph & Sarah HELLYER July 24 1772

John WHITE of smallpox October 02 1772

Edmund MUGGRIDGE, a young man, sojourner who received his death’s wound by over--- himself in lifting a piece of timber for a foo---- May 22 1773