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In some cases the image I was working from missed the dates, and others, dates/names disappeared into the edge of the page.  In such cases, I've marked with a _?   Perhaps if a member is visiting the archives, they could check from the films


Burials at St Maries

1793 year incomplete

Apr 16, Edward, s of Edward & Mary STRIP

Apr 21, Deborah, d of Samuel & Elizabeth LENY

Apr 21, Mary, d of John & Elizabeth BRYER

Apr 22, Ann PAGE, wid.

Apr 28, Mary RIDER

Apr 28, Kitty NICHOLAS

May 15, Grace SIMES, wid., poor house

May 16, Sarah, wife of Edward LUCAS

May 17, Elizabeth PURSS, wid.

May 26, James, s of James & Hannah BAY

May 28, Harriet, d of John & Lydia BEAVIS

Jun 11, Jane-Frances, d of William & Jane GROVES

Jun 24, Francis OUTRAM

Jun 26, Mary-Ann, wife of Jeffery Johnson TRUSS

Jun 28, Charlotte, d of Elizabeth SINCLAIR, poor house

Jly 18, James BATH

Jly 22, Elizabeth, wife of James MOLTON

Aug 18, William, s of Jacob & Anne JAMES

Sep 1, Elizabeth, d of John & Mary SHAKELL

Sep 4, Nanny, wid of William COMPTON

Sep 24, William JACOBS, poor house

Sep 24, Elizabeth, d of William & Mary REDMAN

Sep 26, Mary, d of Richard & Betty BISSINGTON

Sep 26, Robert LOVE

Sep 27, Charles, s of George & Elizabeth COZENS

Sep 30, Jane PURBECK of Bath, d of the late William PURBECK of this town

Oct? 23, Mary, wid of John HIBBS        [month missing from image, assumed Oct.]



1794 year incomplete

May 8, Jane GOVEY, poor house

May 20, Hugh, s of Edmund & Lelitia BARNALLY

May 22, Ann, d of John & Ann FORRESTER

May 23, Mary, wife of James BEAVIS

May 28, George, s of William & Mary JACKSON, 27th Regt.

May 30, William NAISH, poor house

May 30, Sarah, d of Samuel & Susannah BUTLER

Jun 4, Henry PARKER, poor house

Jun 5, Robert GREEN

Jun 14, Henry WILKINS, poor house

Jly 27, John STOKES, 27th Regt.

Aug 5, Catherine SNOOK

Aug 9, Joseph MAYHEW

Aug 10, Fanny TROD

Aug 10, John HUGHES, 92nd Regt.

Aug 10, Sarah, d of John & Sarah GRIFFITH

Aug 11, Isaac, s of John & Phoebe COLE

Aug 15, Robert, s of Robert & Gorina PALMER, 28th Regt.

Aug 17, Elizabeth, d of Christopher & Maria WARREN

Aug 17, Moses BEDFORD

Aug 19, Elizabeth, d of Reuben & Mary SIDNEY

Aug 21, William HARDING, poor house

Aug 23, John SHAW, 91st Regt.

Aug 24, James, s of John & Elizabeth DOLEN

Aug 25, Phoebe, d of John & Phoebe COLE

Aug 26-Oct 26 not transcribed

Oct 26, John, s of William & Mary BIRDWAY

Oct 28, Robert McDUGAL, 23rd Regt.

Oct 29, Dorothy, wife of James BLAKE, poor house.

Nov 3, William, s of William & Ann BELL, 59th Regt.

Nov 8, Hester WHITE

Nov 9, Matthew HESS

Nov 17, Mary McFALLOR

Nov 22, Amelia, d of James & Amelia HAWKINS

Dec 11, James, s of James & Elizabeth JERRETT

Dec 14, Martha, d of William & Elizabeth PAYNE

Dec 17, Raymond JONES

Dec 25, John LANGWITH

Dec 28, Redman MATTHEWS

Dec 29, an American found dead near Northam; poor house

Dec 30, Elizabeth ANDREWS

Dec 31, Mary, d or John & Sarah WAIGHT

Dec 31, Christian, wife of James WYATT

Dec 31, Maria, d of James & Christian WYATT

Dec 31, Sophia, d of William & Elizabeth PAYNE

1794 ~ 1795

Jan 7, Mary HYDE

Jan 12, James, s of James & Mary FOX

Jan 13, Ann NEWMAN

Jan 13, Elizabeth, d of John & Eady BEAVIS

Jan 14, James JEFFERIES, 82nd Regt.

Jan 14, Charles SEYMORE, poor house

Jan 15, Elizabeth, d of Elizabeth REDCROSS

Jan 16, William RONALD, 97th Regt.

Jan 17, William PEAK, 92nd Regt.

Jan 18, Ann, wife of Tobias YOUNG

Jan 21, William WARNER

Jan 23, Mary, wife of John PEGLAR

Jan 23, Elizabeth WEST

Jan 23, David WELLS, 5th Regt of Dragoons

Feb 12, Mary, d of William & Elizabeth OVERRY of Itchin

Feb 13, Samuel GODWIN, wid'er

Feb 17, John JACKSON, bachelor, poor house

Feb 22, Mary HARDWICK

Feb 25, James, s of John & Jane BYE

Feb 26, John & Elizabeth MEARS's d named Jane

Mar 1, Mary KENT, poor house



1801   year incomplete    ? some dates were missing on edge of page/image

Jun 3, Elizabeth, wife of Samual ROLLESTON esq., f Whippingham, Isle of Wight

Jun 7, Ann, wife of Robert TILBURY, poor house

Jun 7, Sarah BRIDLE

Jun 9, Hannah, d of Peter & Hannah OAKLEY

Jun 15, Jane, wife of[...] MONDAY, poor house

Jun 19, Mary, wife of William HILL of Itchin

Jun 30, Rachel LUCAS of Gosport

Jly 1, Sarah & Mary, d's of Samuel & Sarah POWELL

Jly 9, Elizabeth BOUCHER, natural d of Sophia FISHER, aged 10yrs

Jly 18, Edward POWELL

Aug 4, Rosannah MAJOR, widow, poor house

Aug 13, John BLACKMAN of Northam

Aug 13, William CROP

Aug 23, Mary Ann, d of Richard & Mary SCOREY

Aug 26, John-Edmund, s of Thomas & Sarah CHANDLER [John Edward in 2nd Register]

Aug 26, George, s of William & Elizabeth PAYNE

Sep 6, Ann, d of John & Edith BEAVIS

Sep 13, Jane DONKIN, wid., poor house

Sep 14, Esther HOLLIS

Sep 15, John, s of James & Kezia NINHAM

Sep 26, William, s of Henry & Elizabeth KING

Sep 27, Elizabeth, wife of Griffith MASKELYN

Oct 1, Ann DONKIN,, wid. Poor house

Oct 7, Sarah, d of John & Sarah RAWKINS

Oct 10? Lydia, wife of John GILES [educated guess as part of date lost; 2nd register may have it]

Oct 18? Mary TIZARD, wid., poor house [educated guess as part of date lost; 2nd register may have it]

Oct 19? Mary, d of John & Avis PEARCE [educated guess as part of date lost; 2nd register may have it]

Oct 20? Edward BROWN, poor house [educated guess as part of date lost; 2nd register may have it]



1803 year incomplete from an out-of-focus image so there may be discrepancies

Apr 23, Fanny LUFF, wid., poor house

May 2, Walter TAYLOR, of Portswood Hse in the parish of South Stoneham, esq.

May 2, Thomas, s of Thomas & Ann QUINTON, poor house

May 4, Thomas PRISSER /PUSSER poor house

May 10 Sabra,d of William & Sabra Holmes

May 10 Richard, s of Richard & Martha LINEY

May 13, Mary MATTERSON, wid. Poor house

May 18, Elizabeth GRAN

May 25, Elizabeth NAYLOR, wid., Poor house

Jun 5, Maria, d of Thomas & Mary Ann LIGHT, [can't make out place stated on either register]

Jun 6, William, s of William & Jane FLEMINGTON

Jun 10, Edith STANEWAY of the parish of Milbrook, wid.

Jly 12, Ann MITCHEL

Jly 26, Ann, wife of Benjamin Beckett HOWELL

Jly 26, Joseph SAVAGE

Jly 26, William, s of William & Susannah LANHAM

Sep 1, Eliza, wife of John BRICKNELL

Sep 3, Maria-Ann, d of Harriett HETH, poor house

Sep 4, Roger MAY, poor house

Sep 9, Ann, d of Thomas & Elizabeth PURKIS

Sep 14, Amelia, d of John & Edith BEAVIS

Sep 15, Fanny BARTLETT, poor house



1808 year incomplete     _? = some names endings lost in hinge of page in the register image i had

Jun 10, John FREND

Jun 12? Claunda, d of Robert &  Elizabeth ROGER_?

Jun 15, Patrick GALLAGHAN

Jun 22, Maria, wife of George MARSHALL

Jun 26, Joseph SHERER, esq., of this town

Jun 29, Betsey PRATT, d of John PRATT & Elizabeth CARPEN_? ['Pratt' may be their middle names]

Jly 3, James JARRETT

Jly 9, John BRISSAULT, of Gosport

Jly 12, Thomas TAYLOR, poor house

Jly 13, Charlotte, d of William & Ann CUR_?

Jly 18, John, s of James & Diana WALKER

Jly 23, Elizabeth, d of Thomas & Mary PRICE

Jly 23, Sarah TILFORD, poor house

Jly 26, Ann, illegitimate d of Ann FORBS

Jly 26, William, s of John & Sarah MARTIN

Jly 31, John HUGHES, poor house

Aug 4, Jane READ, poor house

Aug 7, Henry, s of William & Elizabeth ELDERTON

Aug 8, Elizabeth WILLIAMS

Aug 11, Martha, d of Edward & Elizabeth TOLLFREE

Aug 8, Eliza, d of John & Edith BEAVIS

Aug 15, James-Joseph, s of William & Elizabeth COBERN

Aug 15, Jane COWARD, poor house

Aug 27, Amelia, d of John & Amelia WARREN   [dated 17th in 2nd register]

Aug 27, Sarah BESWICK

Sep 9, William, s of William & Elizabeth PURKIS

Sep 11, Harriet Plowman, d of Charles & Catherine DAISH

Sep 11, Julia, wife of John METCHER

Sep 19, William FORESTER

Sep 24, Stephen, s of Stephen & Sarah INGREY

Sep 24, William, s of Robert & Martha OSMAN

Sep 25, Elizabeth GRIGG, wid. Poor house

Sep 28, James, s of William & Catherine DOUGLAS

Sep 29, Mary, d of John & Edith BEAVIS

Sep 30, William MANSELL, poor house

Oct 5, John BROWNING, poor house

Oct 12, Aaron WYETH

Oct 17, Samuel BROMLEY, 66th Regt of Foot

Oct 23, William, s of John & Esther PRIMMER

Oct 23, Myrtilla, wife of Richard SCOREY, poor house  [Mytilla on 2nd register]

Oct 24, George, s of Henry & Elizabeth ADAMS

Oct 30, Sabra, wife of William HOLMES

Nov 6, Maria, d of Silas & Sarah SCOREY

Nov 6, Hannah, wife of Robert WILSON

Nov 8, James-Chamberlain, s of Anthony & Harriet SUMMERS

Nov 9, Edith, d of John & Edith BEAVIS

Nov 20, Robert HUMBY

Nov 20, Sarah, wife of William VENTEM

Nov 20, Maria, d of Isaac & Elizabeth WHITMARSH

Nov 27, Elizabeth-Sarah, d of John & Elizth COOKE

Nov 30, John, s of William & Sarah YOUNG

Dec 4, Samuel, s of John & Mary HARVEY

Dec 14, Ann, wife of Lewis WILLIAMS , esq., of the parish of Romsey

Dec 14, Susanna SGRAGLEFORD, spinster, poor house

Dec 20, George, s of George & Jane AMOR

Dec 26, Mary-Ann, d of Arthur & Elizabeth BLAKE

1808 ~ 1809

Jan 8, Ann BENDLE, poor house

Jan 29, Richard WYLD, poor house

Jan 30, Richard LISLE

Jan 30, John LYNE, Serjeant of the Staff

Feb 16, Mary, wife of Francis JUPE

Feb 23, Henry, s of Thomas & Susanna HUMPHREYS

Feb 26, Henry, s of James & Betty HANSELL

Mar 5, Robert BENHAM